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You Spin Me Round

Aaron Brown, of Focus Creeps, has another hot video in circulation!  This one is for singer/songwriter Lia Ices. The video is for the song”Daphne”, off of her second album “Grown Unknown” and features a duet with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon.

Spin recently posted the video which can be viewed by clicking the picture below:

The video is beautifully shot and Ices’ voice is like a fresh pearl plucked from the depths of the dark sea.   Ices describes the video as going from a “supernatural world” to a “Fellini-esque nighttime revelry”. I ask you, what better revelry is there? Enjoy the video and pass it on!

Nick Egan Aligns with Foundation for Documentary

We’re happy to announce a new creative alliance with influential British film director Nick Egan. The project? An upcoming documentary about internationally renowned creativity expert and author Sir Ken Robinson, whose revolutionary ideas about education are spurring a radical reexamination of the entire educational process.

Egan, whose influential work in graphic design and music video is credited with helping to shape music and fashion culture since the early days of the punk rock revolution, has always been drawn to the eccentric, the innovative, the ground-breaking. He has worked with hundreds of innovative artists including Oasis, Alanis Morisette, Mick Jagger, Sonic Youth, Duran Duran, Iggy Pop, and INXS, as well as with celebrated fashion designers Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood. With creative powerhouse Propaganda Films, Egan earned a reputation as one of the world’s premiere music video directors, as well as an innovative commercial director creating spots for major brands including Coca Cola, Levi’s, Nike, Nintendo and Sony Play Station.

The story of Sir Ken, a highly-respected, visionary thinker knighted 2003 for his work examining the significance of creativity in the educational system and the economy, fits right into Egan’s stable of fascinating characters who refuse to accept the status quo.

Our co-founder and Creative Director Samantha Hart first crossed paths with Egan nearly 20 years ago while working at Geffen Records in Los Angeles. “I have great respect for Nick as an artist and creative visionary. His work over the years has yielded some of the most seminal music videos and iconic album cover art of our time, as well as unforgettable television commercials. I feel like we’ve come full circle to find ourselves working together again. It is with great pride that Foundation becomes associated with Nick on this film about the incredible Sir Ken Robinson.”

Rolling Foundation Gathers Some Moss

The architect who designed our new L.A. office, Eric Owen Moss, was recently featured in an article by The New Yorker.

Check out the article, which mentions our cactus garden! Moss truly has an eye for style and structure.

Poster Boy for Creativity

We are continuing to broaden our reach into interactive content with the addition of former Arc Worldwide/Leo Burnett Senior Art Director Ben Poster who joins the shop as Director/Editor/Interactive.

A versatile creative, Poster has extensive experience in the production, creation and delivery of online, broadcast and DVD-based content including work for Blackberry, Capital One, Coca-Cola, Maytag, McDonald’s, Phillip Morris, Purina and Whirlpool. He has also directed, shot and edited documentaries and collaborative projects with a number of musicians and artists around the country.

“Ben has a wide range of talents, a keenly creative vision and a great depth of technical skill that will be extremely valuable to the team,” says President Samantha Hart. We’re all very excited to welcome Ben to our team!


Girls music video “Lust for Life” has almost reached 1 million views on Youtube!!

If you have not viewed this awesome video, please do!!

1 million awesome points to the viewer who helps the video hit 1 million!!

Pop Tarts

The Focus Creeps are being featured in Pop Manifesto’s latest issue!

Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Editor Tom Pastorelle recently cut some videos for Symphony Guild Seattle Children’s Hospital. The videos were directed by Brian Johnson, who is a frequent collaborator of Tom’s.

Brian’s friend Mateo Messina (Grammy Award winner for the Juno score) asked him to concept and shoot four videos.  Mateo holds a benefit concert every year for this Hospital. One of the videos was a teaser for the benefit concert to air on local Seattle stations and the other three were to be shown during the event to familiarize the audience with the doctors and patients.

Brian and Tom spent a week cutting the videos and then sent them to Mateo to score.  This was a pro bono effort from start to finish.  Tom was happy to donate his time, saying,  “The reward was getting to work on something for a good cause and laughing it up in the editing room with Brian.  Good times.”

Of the four videos, one featured Rishi, a patient born without working kidneys. We all found his story particularly inspirational. This year the theme for the benefit was “superheroes”, so the kids each came up with a costume and a name.  Rishi is the “Peaceful Warrior” and he uses music to scare off bad guys and comfort people.

The Today Show aired a segment today on this young “Peaceful Warrior”!!

If you’d like to find out more about this incredible organization, follow the link:

Shoot’s 2010 New Directors Showcase Features Focus Creeps!!

The Focus Creeps were recently interviewed by Shoot Magazine for this month’s “New Directors” showcase!

Here is a segment of what the boys had to say:

It’s fun to invent problems that you then get to choose who you want to figure it out with. Collaboration and seeing how other people see things, and the ultimate product that comes out of everyone’s input and contributions is a tremendous feeling. It’s fantastic to have an idea and then see that idea realized in front of you. Like going to battle but without the casualties.

Check out the whole article here!

Come On… Get Happy!

New ABC series Happy Town is premiering tomorrow night!   Foundation’s ACD, Jason Voke, designed the main title which was produced by our LA producer, Stacy Paris, along with Happy Town Exec Producers Scott Rosenberg, Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum.

For more information and a sneak peek at our main titles, check out this link or click the picture above:

And be sure to tune in tomorrow night to catch the premiere of the show everyone is sure to be “ax-ing” about.

April 28 at 10/9 central on ABC!!!

Artist Profile: Matt Egan

People may claim they are a “Jack of all trades” but how many of them can truly back that statement up?

Experience proves Matt Egan can.

Having been with Foundation for 4 years, Matt has honed his skills in the edit bay and in the studio as a director.   He is a frequent collaborator on the Target Brand and often works with Foundation’s directing duo, Focus Creeps on their branded style of music videos including two videos he edited for the band Girls, Cass McCombs and most recently Cold Cave on the Matador label.

Another example of Matt’s expertise as an editor is his work on the Illinois Lottery spot.  While the graphics were the largest component of the spot,  it was Matt’s edit and attention to sound design that brought it all to life. “When people see a graphic spot they don’t understand how much the edit really matters- there is a subtle art direction to it. The music, the color correction and an editor’s personal timing- a spot can really rock or not based on those things. For the Lottery spot as well as other 3D spots I’ve worked on, I direct what’s happening on screen in virtually the same way I direct in the studio – except it can be even more liberating in that you can put a light, camera or the point of interest anywhere with out any obstacles or set up time.”

As a director, Matt has probably tried every technique imaginable on our stage and it is not uncommon to see Matt splattered in food or paint, soaking wet or coming up with other interesting uses for plexiglass or even the rug that he used recently as a background in our video for Elizabeth & The Catapult “RACE YOU” which debuted on VEVO last week.  He is something of a “method director”.

Matt directed and edited a spot for Target to promote their reusable bag program. The creatives came to us with the idea of a sequence of bags jumping out of one another like Russian nesting dolls.  Matt decided to achieve this through stop motion animation.  Egan says “Target work is always fun because of how far they push the creative. On this particular project they wanted us to give these bags some personality as well as get the point across that you save 5 cents every time you use them.”  With Matt’s savvy in motion graphics he was able to work closely with our graphics team to achieve that “personality” and work seamlessly with the green screen elements.

Whether he’s editing, directing or doing double duty, Matt is a true creative force who is always pushing the creative boundaries.

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