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Happy Snow Day!

Well, fellow Chicago peeps, we made it through the Great Blizzard of 2011! And check it out, we even have proof, provided by Ben Chappell!

This will be a great link to reference back to when our grandchildren start complaining about not getting a snow day and having to walk to school in a foot of snow…and we get to say things like… “I had to walk to work through the streets of Chicago when there was 5 feet of snow drift to maneuver around and 58 mph winds”… and we won’t be exaggerating!

United By Film

Tonight our piece for United Way, “Live United” (aka clothesline), which recently won the Gold Hugo Award, was screened at the Chicago International Film Festival’s “Best of INTERCOM”.

Owner, James Lipetzky and EP Tracy Heropkie posed with United Way’s Kelly O’Brien, who brought us the project.

It was a magical night, with some wonderful films! Chicago… I’m yours!

Behind the Scenes with AGGA B

This is a behind the scenes look at Foundation’s Matt Egan in action. Matt has shot several projects for fashion designer AGGA B recently and the footage from this particular shoot was for her Summer 2010 Collection. Click the picture below to view the footage.

Matt says of the experience, “Working with Agga or high end fashion in general is always an exciting and creative opportunity.  Fashion pieces always call for dynamic, progressive concepts, with pristine captivating imagery. The editing and sound all have to be flawless and dovetail with the concept to complete that compelling feel . The final piece must project a hypnotic energy,  a world that every viewer wants to dive into and make it their own. “

What I love about this footage is the sophisticated glamour of it. The colors are great and having seen Matt in action, I can honestly say that he is the king of versatility. He can shoot everything from gritty rodeo shows to sequin encrusted models! And what a team we have! It’s easy to forget sometimes when we see these people every day, on every shoot- it’s easy to overlook just how awesomely talented each one of them is!  Good work, team!

Carrie Lewis Has Left the Building

Our favorite redhead and long time producer, Carrie Lewis is moving to the Big Apple!  We wish her well, but she will be missed!

Here are some fun snaps from Carrie’s last day! We had homemade ceviche, cold ones and guac! Quite festive.

Peace out, Lewis!

Blowin’ in the Wind…

We recently shot a piece for United Way which took us all over Chicago. It will be viewable soon.

In the meantime….

Stay tuned for the final…

Who You Gonna Call?

Why- the Gentlemen of Long Pork… that’s who!

Wait… what?

Foundation’s resident funny man, Zoran Gvojic and his sketch group, Long Pork are opening for Harold Ramis… you know… Egon from Ghostbusters and the Director of Groundhog’s Day!

Ramis will be sitting down with Aaron Freeman for an interview about The Meaning of Life. This is the first in a series of conversations at Emanuel on the Meaning of Life.

Located at:
5959 North Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660-3643
General seating tickets range from $40 to $80. Patron tickets are $150 and include preferred seating, on-site parking at Emanuel and admission to an after-show event with Harold and Aaron. All tickets may be purchased on Brown Paper Tickets or by calling 800-838-3006.
And the best part?
Long Pork fans can get an additional $10 discount by using the promo code “longpork”. This also puts you in a drawing to win two free patron tickets and to get to meet Harold afterwards!!

Every Picture Tells A Story…

And this one is no exception!

The Focus Creeps (Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown) just ended a ten city tour, documenting three bands on the road including indie sensation Girls! The dynamic duo are currently in Portland right now shooting a video for Port O’Brien!

We received this picture via iPhone of their journey thus far…hmmm…. fishing rods and creepy antique baby dolls… yep, this is definitely a Focus Creeps project. Have fun boys!

Race You to the Midwest Independent Film Festival!

Our music video for Elizabeth and the Catapult’s song “Race You” has been accepted into the Midwest Independent Film Festival‘s first-ever Female Filmmakers Night!  The festival is Tuesday March 2nd!!

Here is the schedule:

6:00 p.m. Cocktail reception
6:30 p.m. The Producers Panel!
7:30 p.m. Female Filmmakers Night
9:30 p.m. Afterparty at Forno Diablo

Here’s the Lineup:










Get tickets and more information on this awesome event here:

Frame by Frame: Foundation Turns SIX!!

Foundation Content is celebrating six years of success in the creative services/editorial/production arena. But rather than measure the company in years, the Foundation crew prefers to measure it frame by frame.

Begun as the joint vision of ace editor James Lipetzky and creative director Samantha Hart, the co-founders’ idea was to create a company nimble enough to adapt to the rapidly changing climate of the commercial and entertainment communities. As these worlds began to merge and collide, their plan was to be at the epicenter. They also had an ulterior motive: creating a place where they would want to come to work. Lipetzky had been editing in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles markets for nearly fifteen years with some of the best commercial directors in the business including Errol Morris, Tony Kaye, Zak Snyder and John Mastrimonico. But Lipetzky saw the business changing, and recognized the need to become part of the evolving dynamic of the industry in order to continue to thrive. Partnering up with Samantha Hart, who had built her career in the music and film industries, proved to be a recipe for success.

The two began developing an in-house production division five years ago specifically designed and tailored to produce alternative media. The duo fostered talent already under their own roof in the belief that many editors are capable of making the leap to directing quite effortlessly. Foundation is a company that thrives on challenges – big or small, every job is greeted with complete dedication and enthusiasm.

In 2008, the team was given the challenge of creating the AICP awards show opener. Foundation brought a different spin, directing it as a narrative story with live action. This short film incorporated stellar motion graphic design Several Foundation-produced projects have become web sensations. “Treeless Squirrel”, directed and edited by Anna Patel was a quirky, yet thought provoking short film about a squirrel who finds himself homeless as a result of urban sprawl. A viral shot for last year’s Superbowl about a chicken wing crisis for Kraft’s Ranch Dressing, directed and edited by James Lipetzky, logged over 500,000 unique impressions in one weekend.

Most recently, Foundation has been garnering attention in the area of music video thanks to the efforts of directing duo Focus Creeps. Their gritty, lo-fi work for the acclaimed band GIRLS, and the Foundation team’s highly stylized and graphic video for Verve artist ELIZABETH AND THE CATAPULT’s song RACE YOU (art directed by Jennifer Moody), showcase two distinctly different styles, both of which are earning high praise. Foundation hasn’t forgotten its roots in traditional advertising. It’s roster of top editors Kevin McGurn, Lipetzky, Tom Pastorelle and Matt Egan still command attention while they expand their creative repertoire with film trailers, among other indie fare. “Creative work is all about finding solutions and pushing past limits,” Lipetzky says. “Experimentation only makes us stronger.” This past year saw the re-establishment of the Santa Monica office with producer Stacy Paris overseeing operations, as well as the appointment of co-EP’s Tracy Heropkie and Carrie Lewis to run the Chicago office. “We’re especially proud of the fact that many of the core people who helped build the company, still remain with the company. It’s exciting and gratifying to see people build their careers here,” says Hart.

Artist Profile: Matt Egan

People may claim they are a “Jack of all trades” but how many of them can truly back that statement up?

Experience proves Matt Egan can.

Having been with Foundation for 4 years, Matt has honed his skills in the edit bay and in the studio as a director.   He is a frequent collaborator on the Target Brand and often works with Foundation’s directing duo, Focus Creeps on their branded style of music videos including two videos he edited for the band Girls, Cass McCombs and most recently Cold Cave on the Matador label.

Another example of Matt’s expertise as an editor is his work on the Illinois Lottery spot.  While the graphics were the largest component of the spot,  it was Matt’s edit and attention to sound design that brought it all to life. “When people see a graphic spot they don’t understand how much the edit really matters- there is a subtle art direction to it. The music, the color correction and an editor’s personal timing- a spot can really rock or not based on those things. For the Lottery spot as well as other 3D spots I’ve worked on, I direct what’s happening on screen in virtually the same way I direct in the studio – except it can be even more liberating in that you can put a light, camera or the point of interest anywhere with out any obstacles or set up time.”

As a director, Matt has probably tried every technique imaginable on our stage and it is not uncommon to see Matt splattered in food or paint, soaking wet or coming up with other interesting uses for plexiglass or even the rug that he used recently as a background in our video for Elizabeth & The Catapult “RACE YOU” which debuted on VEVO last week.  He is something of a “method director”.

Matt directed and edited a spot for Target to promote their reusable bag program. The creatives came to us with the idea of a sequence of bags jumping out of one another like Russian nesting dolls.  Matt decided to achieve this through stop motion animation.  Egan says “Target work is always fun because of how far they push the creative. On this particular project they wanted us to give these bags some personality as well as get the point across that you save 5 cents every time you use them.”  With Matt’s savvy in motion graphics he was able to work closely with our graphics team to achieve that “personality” and work seamlessly with the green screen elements.

Whether he’s editing, directing or doing double duty, Matt is a true creative force who is always pushing the creative boundaries.

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