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We are pleased to welcome Editor Christina Stumpf to the Foundation family! Christina brings her intuition and passion for storytelling to the team, after a ten year run at the Whitehouse. Drawn to diverse material, she’s cut campaigns across genres for such brands as Miller, Orbitz, Cadillac, Sears, and Office Max, for whose web video “Jewelry” was shortlisted at Cannes.

Stumpf’s long form credits include,”Hidden in Plain Sight”, a documentary in collaboration with UN Goodwill Ambassador Julia Ormond; “Hidden in Plain Sight”, with the support of former President Clinton, has helped raise over $1 million to promote awareness and help eradicate human trafficking worldwide.

President Samantha Hart adds, “We are thrilled that Christina has joined us and are looking forward to her playing both a creative and leadership role at our company.” Welcome Christina, we all look forward to working with you!

M&K on MTV

The Matt & Kim video directed by Jonathan del Gatto for their song “Cameras” will debut this week on MTV.

Meanwhile, the dynamic duo are MTV’s Push Artist of the week.

Check it out:

Del Gatto Gets to the Heart of LA From the Inside Out

Foundation’s Jonathan Del Gatto directed and edited this powerful and heartfelt piece for Inside Out Community Arts in Venice.

Check out the video here:

Shot with real kids who have gone through the program. Inside Out works with at risk kids and helps transform their fear into confidence through visual and performing arts workshops.

Jonathan directed, Helge Gerull shot, Stacy Paris produced, and the entire Foundation LA team lent additional support for the cause including Anna Patel, Aaron Brown and Alex Watson.

A Little Pre-Halloween Potluck!

Suzie and Luz organized a Halloween potluck today and it was a HUGE success! Everybody brought food and the conference room was decorated with cobwebs and bats!

Check out our spooky spread!

It was good times! Thanks everyone for bringing all these amazing treats!

Bat Boy Sighted!

You may recall the freaky nineties sensation “Bat Boy”… who spawned numerous parodies, an indie graphic novel and even a Broadway musical!

Well, the Focus Creeps are now capitalizing on the very same bald little icon. The boys will be doing a shoot in a cave in Iowa about the “mythical” Weekly World News character.

And who will be playing Bat Boy? Why… none other than our own line producer, Jordan Grant!

Stay tuned for details!!


We are pleased to announce that we have a new colorist on our team!!

Tom Rovak!

Award winning Senior Colorist Tom Rovak is a veteran in the post production arena, having held key roles across the spectrum including Post Production Supervisor and Producer. He has recently added Digital Intermediate and extensive RED workflow to his skills in commercial, feature and music video post production. A critical player in the design and implementation of a number of successful production houses in the Chicago area, Rovak prides himself on always being at the forefront of technology in his craft.

Check out the official press release here at Ruth Ratny’s Reel Chicago!

We are very glad to welcome Tom to the family!

Pop Tarts

The Focus Creeps are being featured in Pop Manifesto’s latest issue!

Our L.A. Office Gets New Rep!

Highly respected industry veteran Ellen Knable has signed on to be Foundation’s West Coast rep.  With over twenty years in the business, she is the perfect choice to launch the West Coast division of our company and we are excited to welcome her to the family!With the recent hire of award winning editor, Jonathan Del Gatto, it was an easy choice as the pair had worked together previously during his tenure at Red Car.  Joining Del Gatto in the LA office is Foundation’s up and comer, Anna Patel, who will be relocating from our Chicago office.  She joins producer Stacy Paris and Aaron Brown, who is one half of the directing duo Focus Creeps named among 2010’s best new director’s to watch by SHOOT Magazine.

Ellen Knable can be reached at 310-829-3269

Valerie Gobos can be reached at 312-836-8300

Leap of Faith

The Focus Creeps just completed a video for indie band Port O’Brien’s song “Leap Year”.

“The video is intended to be a poetic and gentle visual compliment to a song that tells a very literal story already” say the Focus Creeps of their latest piece. “The imagery does not tell a story as much as play off of the lyrics that are given by the narration of the song. Further, we see the nonlinear passage of time in the imagery. And as the song does not address whether there is any resolution, neither does the video which instead is a collage of poetic portraits of different lives that overlap and play together, yet harbor a different energy and interior life.”

Check out the video above and be sure to sample more of the band’s music on their myspace page!

Every Heart Matters

A piece we created for F.A.I.R. in support of abolishing Prop 8 called “Every Heart Matters” has been selected as one of three finalists by the E-Hero Awards selection committee for the 2010 Human Rights Campaign Gala in Los Angeles!!
The Gala is being held on March 13th at the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel and will feature U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. Portia DeRossi will be presented with the HRC Visibility Award and Kathy Griffin will be receiving the Ally for Equality Award.
F.A.I.R. is a group that was formed to fight for marriage equality in California.  One of the founders of the F.A.I.R. organization, Dayna Frank, contacted Foundation’s LA  producer Stacy Paris for help creating a PSA using the Shepard Fairey “Love Unites” ) poster image  for which they secured the rights to use (he also designed the Obama HOPE poster).  Creative Director Samantha Hart called upon writer, Julie Hall, for help in word-smithing a powerful piece for which everyone’s favorite directing duo, Focus Creeps, traveled to San Francisco and Los Angeles to work with real families and couples to shoot candid moments of them in their homes or playing with their children.  The footage was edited by Tom Pastorelle and cut together with graphic images and additional photography  shot on our  stage.
Marriage Equality is not just a California issue, but an issue the whole country is facing.
Foundation’s Stacy Paris says, “We are proud to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the cause and thrilled that our piece has been selected for this prestigious event.”
Tom will be traveling to Los Angeles to attend the gala! Stay tuned for pictures! And be sure to cast your vote for Best PSA here:

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