Frame by Frame: Foundation Turns SIX!!

Foundation Content is celebrating six years of success in the creative services/editorial/production arena. But rather than measure the company in years, the Foundation crew prefers to measure it frame by frame.

Begun as the joint vision of ace editor James Lipetzky and creative director Samantha Hart, the co-founders’ idea was to create a company nimble enough to adapt to the rapidly changing climate of the commercial and entertainment communities. As these worlds began to merge and collide, their plan was to be at the epicenter. They also had an ulterior motive: creating a place where they would want to come to work. Lipetzky had been editing in the New York, Chicago and Los Angeles markets for nearly fifteen years with some of the best commercial directors in the business including Errol Morris, Tony Kaye, Zak Snyder and John Mastrimonico. But Lipetzky saw the business changing, and recognized the need to become part of the evolving dynamic of the industry in order to continue to thrive. Partnering up with Samantha Hart, who had built her career in the music and film industries, proved to be a recipe for success.

The two began developing an in-house production division five years ago specifically designed and tailored to produce alternative media. The duo fostered talent already under their own roof in the belief that many editors are capable of making the leap to directing quite effortlessly. Foundation is a company that thrives on challenges – big or small, every job is greeted with complete dedication and enthusiasm.

In 2008, the team was given the challenge of creating the AICP awards show opener. Foundation brought a different spin, directing it as a narrative story with live action. This short film incorporated stellar motion graphic design Several Foundation-produced projects have become web sensations. “Treeless Squirrel”, directed and edited by Anna Patel was a quirky, yet thought provoking short film about a squirrel who finds himself homeless as a result of urban sprawl. A viral shot for last year’s Superbowl about a chicken wing crisis for Kraft’s Ranch Dressing, directed and edited by James Lipetzky, logged over 500,000 unique impressions in one weekend.

Most recently, Foundation has been garnering attention in the area of music video thanks to the efforts of directing duo Focus Creeps. Their gritty, lo-fi work for the acclaimed band GIRLS, and the Foundation team’s highly stylized and graphic video for Verve artist ELIZABETH AND THE CATAPULT’s song RACE YOU (art directed by Jennifer Moody), showcase two distinctly different styles, both of which are earning high praise. Foundation hasn’t forgotten its roots in traditional advertising. It’s roster of top editors Kevin McGurn, Lipetzky, Tom Pastorelle and Matt Egan still command attention while they expand their creative repertoire with film trailers, among other indie fare. “Creative work is all about finding solutions and pushing past limits,” Lipetzky says. “Experimentation only makes us stronger.” This past year saw the re-establishment of the Santa Monica office with producer Stacy Paris overseeing operations, as well as the appointment of co-EP’s Tracy Heropkie and Carrie Lewis to run the Chicago office. “We’re especially proud of the fact that many of the core people who helped build the company, still remain with the company. It’s exciting and gratifying to see people build their careers here,” says Hart.


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