Friday’s Screening

We are excited to update everyone with our current office news! Currently, our amazing Foundation team is wrapping up on multiple projects. And while this means stress is high and hearts pumping uncomfortably fast, it also means we are due for a screening! Oddly enough, most of the staff has been too busy to glance at each others work. However, this gives everyone a chance to admire each piece. So last Friday we got together to watch our latest screening reel. It was a busy afternoon, and drinks sure helped to relieve some stress! We whipped up some tasty piña coladas, Robert mixed up some spicy Micheladas and we munched on chips and salsa while watching the spectacular work we’ve completed in the past few months!

Take a look!


We watched our recent work for Walmart, Vitamin Water, Allstate, G2, Kashi, Corona Light, Radical Skincare, Tender Greens, Sears and The Onion.



Piña coladas! Yum!


Robert and his Micheladas- Woot!!


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