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Just For Laughs

Where were you yesterday at 1:30 pm (Central)? Well… if you were in Chicago’s Millennium Park, you may have seen an outrageously awesome social experiment organized by Tyler Walker, of Improv Everywhere  in conjunction with TBS. As a publicity stunt to kick off the Just for Laughs event on TBS this week, an “MP3 Experiment” took place that lasted about 30 minutes. Participants were told to download a song via their respective mp3 players. Utilizing one DVC Pro HD and a couple of flip cams, various shooters captured this hilarious footage.

Suzie Moore edited the footage together and Megan Guerrant produced. They wrapped at about 11:30 lastnight and it’s live today! Talk about a quick turn around. I think my favorite part has to be when this “mysterious voice” actually got a mob of people to use their finger’s as moustaches! Brilliant!


It’s An AD World…

There is a new film which just came out this weekend, playing in select theatres, about the advertising industry. “Art & Copy“, directed by Doug Pray is a film about the ins and outs, the truths and the faults of advertising’s “creative revolution” and cultural impact. The film won the award for best documentary director at the Atlanta Film Festival and is sure to be a real treat for anyone involved in the ad world!


Perhaps it was Pray who summed it all up in his statement of the film when he said “Hate advertising? Make better ads”

If you’re in Chicago…Check it out with our good friends at the Music Box theatre! See here for tickets:

Foundation Serves Up Wings for 250,000!

Have you seen this viral piece on YouTube?

The recent YouTube success of “Chicken Wing Shortage” for Kraft’s Ranch Dressing aimed at a super bowl weekend tie-in was the result of a true team effort…that’s right…it was US!

When EuroRSCG’s Monica Wilkins called us on a Wednesday at 5 pm and said we had TWO days to shoot, design and edit a viral video, our nimble team sprang into action with everyone wearing multiple hats to get the job done.  In less than twenty four hours, Senior Producer Tracy Heropkie and Director/Editor James Lipetzky organized and sent out three teams to begin shooting while casting was held at Foundation.

Our graphics team had key frames by noon and the first rough cut was done by six the first day. The second day we shot the newscasters on our stage while the edit was being revised. The whole cut was up for the client by 4 that day. When the client requested a talent change at 5, it was no problem – we re-cast and re-shot the scene and had the revision up an hour later!!

Our indie filmmaking spirit combined with a great idea led to the desired impact. Over 250,000 hits in 2 days! Wanna see production stills?


Zoran SAW It First!

Literally…kind of…

Two years ago, our dear assistant Zoran Gvojic created this lil’ spoof on the SAW movies and created SAW 4…which had not come out yet. View it below like the 6 million people before you! (btw, my favorite part is at the very very end so make sure you watch the whole way through!)

Now let me ask you this… which do you prefer? Zoran’s or the Lion’s Gate Films “version”…see…what I did there? I didn’t say “original” b/c it’s not!


For more fun parodies and commentary from Zoran anf friends check out his website:

Here We Are Now…and Then

Have you seen this article posted to CNN about the famous naked baby underwater from Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album cover?


Well, that baby (Spencer Elden) was indeed right; it was Kurt Cobain who came up with the idea of the baby under water – but if it weren’t for our own Creative Director, Samantha Hart, Spencer might have looked a little less…well…exposed!

But let me back up a minute and take you back 17 years…

The story is, Geffen Records said big stores like K-Mart wouldn’t carry it if the baby’s naughty bits were showing and so the little pecker was airbrushed off.  Samantha, who had a little kiddo of her own at that time, didn’t think it was “that big a deal” and also had enough insight into the world of nineties grunge rock to know that this notion of “scandal”  just might make the album even cooler. She stated her case to Geffen and told her team to reinstate little Spencer’s willie.  The rest is history.


btw, I just realized that there are about a million and one ways to say “penis”.

New Media Vs. Analog Adguys

I recently attended the Chicago New Media Summit in search of new knowledge about my field and was sorely disappointed when the first day ended up being one long tutorial session for *coughs uncomfortably* matureseasoned...old people. There….I said it. (BUT LET ME EXPLAIN before you close this window and start sending me hate mail)

The summit was kind of negs on Chicago youth in media. One speaker said, and I quote, “the youth need to be held back a bit”…hmmm….I’m 24….does that make me “the youth”? Do I need to be held back?

It was also funny and sad to see a bunch of aging men from the adworld’s “good ole days” talking about “the facebook” and how it’s going to be a tool in changing the face of media.

The second day was pretty cool though! Lots of Web 2.5 talk and we all know how much I love that. Miguel Gonzalez of DraftFCB gave a session on viral branding and new technologies for advertising which was very informative and engaging. And my friend Jim Marcus of Ogilvy was there for a segment on the 2016 Olympic bid, in which he gave a little shout out to Foundation for shooting a video for the bid. =)

All in all, I’d give the summit a thumb up for the networking and a few good speakers and a thumb down for the bizarro ageism.

Jeff Landsman managed to join me for part of the first day. Jeff made the times when I was bored out of my mind, after hearing four speakers refer to “Blogger” as a “cutting edge” blogging tool, a little more entertaining.

Oh and btw, have you ever heard of Daisy Whitney’s “new media minute”? If not…look it up on youtube…and tell me you wouldn’t LOVE to see a parody?! Puh-Leeze!

You Can’t Handle a Bigger Logo!

This made my day. Just wanted to share because at the end of the day…it’s true…I loves me some BIG logos…

I think all of us in the ad-world can relate to this hilarious little clip.

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