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Just For Laughs

Where were you yesterday at 1:30 pm (Central)? Well… if you were in Chicago’s Millennium Park, you may have seen an outrageously awesome social experiment organized by Tyler Walker, of Improv Everywhere  in conjunction with TBS. As a publicity stunt to kick off the Just for Laughs event on TBS this week, an “MP3 Experiment” took place that lasted about 30 minutes. Participants were told to download a song via their respective mp3 players. Utilizing one DVC Pro HD and a couple of flip cams, various shooters captured this hilarious footage.

Suzie Moore edited the footage together and Megan Guerrant produced. They wrapped at about 11:30 lastnight and it’s live today! Talk about a quick turn around. I think my favorite part has to be when this “mysterious voice” actually got a mob of people to use their finger’s as moustaches! Brilliant!

Bat Boy Sighted!

You may recall the freaky nineties sensation “Bat Boy”… who spawned numerous parodies, an indie graphic novel and even a Broadway musical!

Well, the Focus Creeps are now capitalizing on the very same bald little icon. The boys will be doing a shoot in a cave in Iowa about the “mythical” Weekly World News character.

And who will be playing Bat Boy? Why… none other than our own line producer, Jordan Grant!

Stay tuned for details!!

Why We Love the Web!

Just read an interesting article, from the NY Times online, which names the top ten “Internet Moments” of the decade! As could be expected, Wikipedia and the iPhone made the list alongside Facebook and Craigslist. But the three I found most interesting were the mention of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, the use of Twitter during the Iranian election protests this past year and what they call the “online video revolution” of 2006. These three really stood out to me as being the most important “moments” because they were events which happened because of the groundwork laid down by social networking websites and informational websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. It cannot be questioned that YouTube has greatly influenced much of our popular culture in the last five years, it’s colorful internet stars often parodied in other online videos and major television programs. Obama’s campaign utilized just about every site the internet had to offer during his presidential campaign. By using Twitter as a political forum, people were able to organize political protests and share experiences and information with people across the world, giving us in the U.S. an incredible insight into their 2009 election rather than getting our information through more conventional and perhaps less authentic news sources.

Our children will undoubtedly be taught a course on history of the internet or perhaps the evolution of information technology.  And the top ten moments of the next decade may include LBS friendly gadgets, online voting or perhaps even a total reinvention of the internet itself!

Indiana Bones?

Our resident comedian and assistant editor, Zoran Gvojic recently did a recut of the newest Indiana Jones movie, Crystal Skull. He says, “The piece came from a place of love.  I have such a love for the character of Indiana Jones.  I have played through countless terrible video games, and read awful comics just because Indy was in them”. Though the piece is a spoof, I have to say…he does have a point…pertaining to one scene in parrticular. I know it’s hard to pick out the one scene that doesn’t make any sense in that movie, but try… it’s the SUPER obvious one…

“I originally started this project to see if I could make a better version of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I actually wanted to try and edit the entire feature film down to what I saw in my head.  Obviously that wouldn’t be a good web video so I opted to give indy a more honorable death, that the fans could respect more than the requisite film. I’m very proud of how everything turned out and want to thank Jeff Landsman for his suggestions and Erik, Steven, and Jordan for their help with skeleton.” -Zoran

Check out Zoran’s other videos at :

Geek Alert!

I gotta admit…this is pretty obvious but pretty funny….and totally GEEKTASTIC!


Editor Jeff Landsman, AKA Landsmo Calrissian! I love it!

It’s An AD World…

There is a new film which just came out this weekend, playing in select theatres, about the advertising industry. “Art & Copy“, directed by Doug Pray is a film about the ins and outs, the truths and the faults of advertising’s “creative revolution” and cultural impact. The film won the award for best documentary director at the Atlanta Film Festival and is sure to be a real treat for anyone involved in the ad world!


Perhaps it was Pray who summed it all up in his statement of the film when he said “Hate advertising? Make better ads”

If you’re in Chicago…Check it out with our good friends at the Music Box theatre! See here for tickets:

The Future of Content Delivery?

Have you seen this yet?

Microsoft recently designed this interactive show hosted by Jack and Suzy Welch. The concept of the show is to take the audience on an exclusive journey into the board room, and behind the scenes to find out how corporate businesses and franchises such as Domino’s and Hertz  stay in business and stay relevant in a Web 3.0 driven world.


It’s very strategic in that it’s one part “Apprentice-style” reality show, yet it’s REALLY REAL.  The presentation of this web-based show is also stellar – with a sleek design and user friendly interface! The site is a must for the “new media” monger! And what a great way for corporate businesses to advertise and maybe even gain a whole new market of potential consumers!

I cannot believe I am about to say this, but…. Bravo Microsoft!

From the Hulu-ish video player to the wonderfully detailed branded content that they’ve tastefully “snuck in”… It really is a brilliant endeavor and I look forward to seeing new episodes!  I think it’s also only a matter of time before you start to see a lot of copycat sites but Microsoft is definitely ahead of the curve on this one!

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