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Foundation Throws a Fiesta

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the Foundation whipped up some margaritas and Gladys made her famous ceviche!

Hope you all had a wonderful Cinco de Mayo yesterday and a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend!!


Somewhere Over the Double Rainbow

Just as our holiday party was about to kick off yesterday evening, owner Samantha Hart snapped this picture outside of our L.A. office.

The wonder of nature will always amaze me! This double rainbow reminded us all of the synthesis between the Los Angeles and the Chicago office. What a great way to start the holiday.

Focus Creeps Create Creepy Teaser Trailer

For those of you who recall frightening tales of Bat Boy and other mutants and alien spaceships screaming out for attention from grocery check out stations, you are in luck!  The Weekly World News who published the now defunct magazine – is back -under the leadership of CEO, Neil McGinness, who just published a new book entitled “Going Mutant.

This week, Foundation CEO, Samantha Hart, was in the Big Apple and attended a book signing party for “Going Mutant” in the East Village.  What’s the connection? McGinniss is a fan of Foundation’s Focus Creeps and enlisted the boys to produce an appropriately “creep-ie” teaser trailer to promote the brand.

The Creeps, Matt Egan and Jordan Grant traveled to Wisconsin, to a spooky nook called the Cave of the Mounds to shoot the Bat Boy in all his battiness.  And who is behind that scary mask?  I’ll never tell but from the look of the trailer which debuts tomorrow, it could be the real deal!!

Here are some snaps from the party in NYC.

Pictured on the left, Weekly World News CEO Neil McGinniss posing with the Bat Boy Bobble-head.

A Little Pre-Halloween Potluck!

Suzie and Luz organized a Halloween potluck today and it was a HUGE success! Everybody brought food and the conference room was decorated with cobwebs and bats!

Check out our spooky spread!

It was good times! Thanks everyone for bringing all these amazing treats!

United By Film

Tonight our piece for United Way, “Live United” (aka clothesline), which recently won the Gold Hugo Award, was screened at the Chicago International Film Festival’s “Best of INTERCOM”.

Owner, James Lipetzky and EP Tracy Heropkie posed with United Way’s Kelly O’Brien, who brought us the project.

It was a magical night, with some wonderful films! Chicago… I’m yours!

Carrie Lewis Has Left the Building

Our favorite redhead and long time producer, Carrie Lewis is moving to the Big Apple!  We wish her well, but she will be missed!

Here are some fun snaps from Carrie’s last day! We had homemade ceviche, cold ones and guac! Quite festive.

Peace out, Lewis!

Our L.A. Office Gets Their Neon On!

Our Los Angeles office had a neon themed block party last night with the folks from Comma Music, NO6, Standard Time and Nomad.

Each company had it’s own bar, each with it’s own special drink! DJs played all evening but the highlights of the night were when Andrew Bird and Bruno Mars performed.

Our Los Angeles Producer, Stacy Paris took some snaps of the event. Everyone had an awesome time!!

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