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“Burning Ice” Ignites and Inspires

Anna Patel recently edited a trailer for new eco-revolutionary film “Burning Ice“, which documents 40 musicians, writers and artists as they embark on a 9 day journey off the coast of Greenland with the artist -led climate change project, Cape Farewell.

The film was directed by legendary director Peter Gilbert. If the end music track on this trailer sounds familiar, it’s because it’s an acoustic rendering of KT Tunstall’s new hit which dropped yesterday, “Uummannaq Song“.

The trailer is absolutely visually stunning and features music by the artists involved directly with the film. It is not to be missed if you are an eco-adventurer, nature lover or simply a concerned citizen of the world that wants it to be around long after you’re gone. Well done, Anna!


Why We Love the Web!

Just read an interesting article, from the NY Times online, which names the top ten “Internet Moments” of the decade! As could be expected, Wikipedia and the iPhone made the list alongside Facebook and Craigslist. But the three I found most interesting were the mention of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, the use of Twitter during the Iranian election protests this past year and what they call the “online video revolution” of 2006. These three really stood out to me as being the most important “moments” because they were events which happened because of the groundwork laid down by social networking websites and informational websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. It cannot be questioned that YouTube has greatly influenced much of our popular culture in the last five years, it’s colorful internet stars often parodied in other online videos and major television programs. Obama’s campaign utilized just about every site the internet had to offer during his presidential campaign. By using Twitter as a political forum, people were able to organize political protests and share experiences and information with people across the world, giving us in the U.S. an incredible insight into their 2009 election rather than getting our information through more conventional and perhaps less authentic news sources.

Our children will undoubtedly be taught a course on history of the internet or perhaps the evolution of information technology.  And the top ten moments of the next decade may include LBS friendly gadgets, online voting or perhaps even a total reinvention of the internet itself!

Dreams Give Way to Change

Back in 1995, when David Geffen announced he was leaving Geffen Records to form Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, seven Geffen Records alumni were invited to a congratulatory dinner. Among those seven was one of Foundation’s founders Samantha Hart. Outside of the restaurant she had created a “card” for David in the form of a bus shelter which read:

“Dreams are wiser than men, with a few notable exceptions”.


Kinda prophetic- huh?

Anyway…I found this picture of the bus shelter and wanted to share.

(Oh…and FYI…when David Geffen backed Obama in March of 2007, not everybody believed in “change” yet…with the exception of Sam. She was quoted as saying “Now I’m sure Obama will win…David always backs a winner.”)

Yes…We Did


I Double Dare YOU…

to try to tell me this isn’t hilarious!

Vice-Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin wore a pair of red shoes called “Double Dare” by Naughty Monkey to the RNC….(pictured below)

Since then, Naughty Monkey’s sales have gone up 50%!!! Their other big client is none other than humanitarian, actress,singer, talent, spoiled heiress Paris Hilton.

Just what we need…a naughty daredevil running the whitehouse!

Yes, We Can

Our dear friends Pam Spritz and her son, expert chef Jordan, along with Cindy Carson, ,John Fisher, Colleen Daley, Nancy McDaniel, Lisa Kusluski, and Foundation owners Samantha Hart & James Lipetzky, are hosting a an event benefiting the Obama Victory Fund!

The event will be here in Chicago on August 16th at Frame Factory from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Click the logo to find out how you can help!!!

Remember, one person can make a difference in the world, but a community can change the world. Change is like viral marketing…infectious!

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