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BIG BOI Livestream

In case you missed it, here is Big Boi’s D.C. performance posted on Rolling Stone. Shot by Focus Creeps, Ben Poster, and Executive Produced by Evan Cohen. Click the pic to view!

Photo provided by Max Blau.


The Worldwide Del Webb

Jonathan Del Gatto is currently in Arizona, directing some spots for Del Webb with BDM agency producer Jack Steinman.

Del Webb is a retirement community with locations all across the United States.  Jonathan will also be traveling to Texas, California, Illinois and South Carolina to document some of the residents there and the properties for a series of web videos promoting Del Webb and their hip lifestyle!

JDG will be at Edgewater in Elgin, IL and Carolina Lakes in South Carolina next week.

Check out these behind-the-scenes snaps!

Behind the Camera on Cameras

Check out the behind-the-scenes video for Matt and Kim of the making of their music video “Cameras.”Click the pic to view!

Some very fun footage of our favorite musical duo of the moment and of course, director Jonathan Del Gatto.

Double Dribble

This past December, James Lipetzky Directed a spot for Draft FCB for Hampton Hotels. The piece was shot on our stage and featured a rather unique public figure… Joseph Odhiambo. Joe holds the world record for dribbling basketballs.


Tom Pastorelle, who is no stranger to the Hampton brand, edited this spot and the graphics featured the handiwork of Jason Voke and Curt Cooper. “It was a fun shoot” says James, “Joe was high energy and that pumped up every one on the crew – and I think that energy is evident in the final piece”

The spot is a lot of fun and yes… no special effects here… Joe, like Hampton, is the real deal.

Every Tattoo Tells A Story

Motion Designer, Jamin Clutcher, recently went to Nashville to film award winning tattoo artist Chris Saint Clark, at his shop Kustom Thrills Tattoo. Armed with a Canon 7D, his girlfriend shooting B-Roll on a Nikon D90, and a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing, Jamin shot this interview with Saint Clark.  Click the picture below to view!

The inspiration for this? What else? A kustom tat!

Jamin, as is shown in the piece above, got a tattoo of an old steam-engine, affectionately named “Genesee”. He tells me this  tattoo was meant to honor his grandfather, who always said if he could own his own railroad he’d name it Genessee (after his favorite beer!)

As someone who loves tattoos and has been itching to get another…. I found myself completely seduced by Saint Clark’s approach to the artistry behind the “black and gray”. Well done, Jamin!

Del Gatto Gets to the Heart of LA From the Inside Out

Foundation’s Jonathan Del Gatto directed and edited this powerful and heartfelt piece for Inside Out Community Arts in Venice.

Check out the video here:

Shot with real kids who have gone through the program. Inside Out works with at risk kids and helps transform their fear into confidence through visual and performing arts workshops.

Jonathan directed, Helge Gerull shot, Stacy Paris produced, and the entire Foundation LA team lent additional support for the cause including Anna Patel, Aaron Brown and Alex Watson.

Behind the Scenes with AGGA B

This is a behind the scenes look at Foundation’s Matt Egan in action. Matt has shot several projects for fashion designer AGGA B recently and the footage from this particular shoot was for her Summer 2010 Collection. Click the picture below to view the footage.

Matt says of the experience, “Working with Agga or high end fashion in general is always an exciting and creative opportunity.  Fashion pieces always call for dynamic, progressive concepts, with pristine captivating imagery. The editing and sound all have to be flawless and dovetail with the concept to complete that compelling feel . The final piece must project a hypnotic energy,  a world that every viewer wants to dive into and make it their own. ”

What I love about this footage is the sophisticated glamour of it. The colors are great and having seen Matt in action, I can honestly say that he is the king of versatility. He can shoot everything from gritty rodeo shows to sequin encrusted models! And what a team we have! It’s easy to forget sometimes when we see these people every day, on every shoot- it’s easy to overlook just how awesomely talented each one of them is!  Good work, team!

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