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Moore Is Our Champion

Senior Assistant Editor, Suzie Moore, recently submitted a piece to the Splice Capades and placed as First runner up! If you are not familiar, Splice Capades is an annual competition in which assistant editors show off their editing chops by “splicing” two different films together to create a :90 trailer! This year’s mash-up featured the films “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “Network”.

Suzie says of the experience, “I just love Steve Carrell so when I watched the movies I knew I wanted to do something funny with him as the main character. It was a lot of fun to put together. As first runner up I won a blu-ray player!” Her trailer is absolutely hilarious, so be sure to check it out at the link above!!

There were 25 entries from assistants in Chicago. We’re proud of Suzie every day – this is just “splicing” on the cake!


Indiana Bones?

Our resident comedian and assistant editor, Zoran Gvojic recently did a recut of the newest Indiana Jones movie, Crystal Skull. He says, “The piece came from a place of love.  I have such a love for the character of Indiana Jones.  I have played through countless terrible video games, and read awful comics just because Indy was in them”. Though the piece is a spoof, I have to say…he does have a point…pertaining to one scene in parrticular. I know it’s hard to pick out the one scene that doesn’t make any sense in that movie, but try… it’s the SUPER obvious one…

“I originally started this project to see if I could make a better version of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I actually wanted to try and edit the entire feature film down to what I saw in my head.  Obviously that wouldn’t be a good web video so I opted to give indy a more honorable death, that the fans could respect more than the requisite film. I’m very proud of how everything turned out and want to thank Jeff Landsman for his suggestions and Erik, Steven, and Jordan for their help with skeleton.” -Zoran

Check out Zoran’s other videos at :

Move Over Second City…Make Way for Long Pork!

Excuse me?!

But seriously… Foundation employee and resident “funny guy” Zoran Gvojic and his comedy group, Long Pork, were just written up in the Chicago Tribune for their splendid show “Soda”.

Below is an excerpt from the review:

The Long Pork troupe proves that transitions between scenes (and even intermission) can be an opportunity for yet more comedy. “Soda” (directed by TJ Jagodowski) is also one of the few examples of sketch that uses multimedia to play up the live-action onstage.

There’s a hilarious bit that brings to mind a 3-D movie gone haywire (the performers jump out from the screen, and back again). That it’s set in a men’s john is just sophomoric enough to cut the high-concept premise down to size.

It’s a strong group.

Wanna see the full review? CLICK HERE!

If the rest of the troupe is as bizarrely entertaining as Zoran…then you have no excuse not to go see this show!

Check it out through May 23 at the Apollo Studio Theater, 2540 N. Lincoln Ave. Tickets are $15 at 773-935-6100. (The show is at 8:00pm every Saturday.)

Foundation Serves Up Wings for 250,000!

Have you seen this viral piece on YouTube?

The recent YouTube success of “Chicken Wing Shortage” for Kraft’s Ranch Dressing aimed at a super bowl weekend tie-in was the result of a true team effort…that’s right…it was US!

When EuroRSCG’s Monica Wilkins called us on a Wednesday at 5 pm and said we had TWO days to shoot, design and edit a viral video, our nimble team sprang into action with everyone wearing multiple hats to get the job done.  In less than twenty four hours, Senior Producer Tracy Heropkie and Director/Editor James Lipetzky organized and sent out three teams to begin shooting while casting was held at Foundation.

Our graphics team had key frames by noon and the first rough cut was done by six the first day. The second day we shot the newscasters on our stage while the edit was being revised. The whole cut was up for the client by 4 that day. When the client requested a talent change at 5, it was no problem – we re-cast and re-shot the scene and had the revision up an hour later!!

Our indie filmmaking spirit combined with a great idea led to the desired impact. Over 250,000 hits in 2 days! Wanna see production stills?


It’s Awards Season…

And why shouldn’t that include the UA Awards?

What are the UA Awards. you might ask…

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with your Foundation Content news, you know all about our newest oiriginal animated series for the web created by Ian Pfaff. UNDERWATER ADVENTURE!!! Now we all know that Ian is  no stranger to outlandish parodies, bizarre humor and cartooning…but put all of that into ONE show…underwater…with crude animation and you get “Underwater Adventure”.

Anyway, with award fever claiming the souls of millions across the country, we thought we’d cash in as well. And the nominees are….

Of the new series, Ian says “The goal is to make quick, oceanic experiences that try to “outstupid” each other…my goal is to make a thousand. Lately, I feel that’s my calling”.

Check out the first few episodes of what is sure to be hailed one of the great cult-classics of our time on our youtube channel!

Zoran SAW It First!

Literally…kind of…

Two years ago, our dear assistant Zoran Gvojic created this lil’ spoof on the SAW movies and created SAW 4…which had not come out yet. View it below like the 6 million people before you! (btw, my favorite part is at the very very end so make sure you watch the whole way through!)

Now let me ask you this… which do you prefer? Zoran’s or the Lion’s Gate Films “version”…see…what I did there? I didn’t say “original” b/c it’s not!


For more fun parodies and commentary from Zoran anf friends check out his website:

Happy Halloween

I want to meet this guy.


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