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Girl Crazy!!!

Myspace Music just announced their picks for top 30 music videos of 2009 and you’ll never guess who made the list?!! GIRLS!!!

I’m telling you, the whole world has gone Girls crazy!! This band has been kicking ass and taking names all year!! Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown’s music video for Girls hit “Lust for Life” came in at number 28, sandwiched between Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent! Click the pic above to check out the video!


Tis the Season….

to party like it’s 1984?!

Foundation producer Stacy Paris and director, Aaron Brown hit up the AICP holiday party in West Hollywood and apparently it was very…retro?

Topping Off 2009!

Foundation directors Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell have been in the spotlight recently for their music video work with band “Girls”. Just today, Pitchfork announced their picks for the top 40 music videos of 2009 and guess who made the list?!

Aaron and Ben’s video for Girls song “Hellhole Ratrace” made the list as did a video Ben handled the cinematography for a Cass McCombs tune, “You Saved My Life”! These videos are featured alongside videos for artists such as Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, Coldplay and Kanye West!

Check it out:

Why We Love the Web!

Just read an interesting article, from the NY Times online, which names the top ten “Internet Moments” of the decade! As could be expected, Wikipedia and the iPhone made the list alongside Facebook and Craigslist. But the three I found most interesting were the mention of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, the use of Twitter during the Iranian election protests this past year and what they call the “online video revolution” of 2006. These three really stood out to me as being the most important “moments” because they were events which happened because of the groundwork laid down by social networking websites and informational websites like Facebook and Wikipedia. It cannot be questioned that YouTube has greatly influenced much of our popular culture in the last five years, it’s colorful internet stars often parodied in other online videos and major television programs. Obama’s campaign utilized just about every site the internet had to offer during his presidential campaign. By using Twitter as a political forum, people were able to organize political protests and share experiences and information with people across the world, giving us in the U.S. an incredible insight into their 2009 election rather than getting our information through more conventional and perhaps less authentic news sources.

Our children will undoubtedly be taught a course on history of the internet or perhaps the evolution of information technology.  And the top ten moments of the next decade may include LBS friendly gadgets, online voting or perhaps even a total reinvention of the internet itself!

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