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Flying High

Award winning editor Jonathan Del Gatto, recently joined the Foundation team in Los Angeles and Chicago as an editor/director. We are thrilled to be associated with Jonathan (who really is his own brand!).

Check out this piece he recently directed for United Airlines. Click the picture to view!

Btw, as a side note,  we heart Herbie Hancock!


Cold Cave Craze!

Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown (AKA The Focus Creeps) are starting off the new year with a brand new music video shoot in New York with band, Cold Cave (Matador Records). The song is “Life Magazine” and it’s currently featured in a  Radio Shack spot!

This will be the band’s first real music video off their debut record. The concept for the video is to bring their album cover, shown above, to life. If the album cover is any indication, this video may very well take Cold Cave fans further down the proverbial “rabbit hole”!

Be sure to check out the band’s music here:

It’s An AD World…

There is a new film which just came out this weekend, playing in select theatres, about the advertising industry. “Art & Copy“, directed by Doug Pray is a film about the ins and outs, the truths and the faults of advertising’s “creative revolution” and cultural impact. The film won the award for best documentary director at the Atlanta Film Festival and is sure to be a real treat for anyone involved in the ad world!


Perhaps it was Pray who summed it all up in his statement of the film when he said “Hate advertising? Make better ads”

If you’re in Chicago…Check it out with our good friends at the Music Box theatre! See here for tickets:

Party Recap!!

WOW! I don’t know about you but I haven’t been to a party that crazy since college! However…I’m pretty sure there wasn’t catered food…or liche martinis…or live band karaoke… come to think of it…I don’t even think I’ve EVER partied this hard!

Anyway, thanks to all who made our party so rockin’ and in case you missed it (or can’t remember), a picture is worth a thousand words! Click on the photo below to re-live some fun moments!

Use Protection

You know you’ve been in creative marketing too long when stuff like this actually seems like a good idea!

I think my favorite one and possibly the most plausible is: Chevy!

Long Live L.i.s.a.

So, I’ve always enjoyed Mac commercials/ads…they suck you in somehow. Take the classic somewhat creepy commercial from 1984…you know, the one Ridley Scott directed that was something like a George Orwell inspired acid trip featuring Olivia Newton John’s evil twin?…

Well, that one along with that contemporary MacBook Air ad (which features the song “New Soul” by Yael Naim) proves one thing…Apple sure seems to have a firm grip on what’s hip…but they didn’t always…and I have PROOF!

I give you…Lisa!

Now, just so I don’t get Foundation potentially sued for slander…I will clarify that this commercial was out of a local Peoria store…HOWEVER…let me just say….”wtf?”

I would love to know what poor editor was forced to sift through that footage on a Saturday till 2 a.m! Not only is it cheesier than the long lost Kevin Costner “Lisa” ad…(click here), but it explores a whole new level of creepy, in this humble blogger’s opinion.

If anyone out there can find an apple commercial that tops Lisa, I’ll buy you a 40.

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