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Foundation Content announces WBEC Certification.  Owner, Samantha Hart says, “I appreciate the WBEC for this recognition.”

Download the pdf here :WBEC


The Great Social Media Debate!

Okay, okay…I know you’ve all heard this one a million and one times…BUT…here it is again…


Now…before you roll your eyes and browse elsewhere for your “new media minute”, hear me out…

Let’s look at Myspace first: Great customization, slow load times, lots of spam messages and bogus friend requests, good way to keep up to date with your favorite bands, apps that are trying to be like facebook only not as seamlessly designed, not as much emphasis on what colleges you went to, more popular ( statistically more people are on MySpace, with over 11o million registered accounts to date!), less private, strong iphone app features (MySpace claims to have served some 1.7 million “daily unique mobile visits,” while Facebook reports having seen regular use by some 1.5 million people.)

Now, it’s Facebook’s turn: no customization options, no music (except for the music I like app which is limited), cool fan pages, apps that work, fatser loading times, emphasis on college networks, nice alternative to blogging with the use of status updates, easy to use interface, better security, strong iphone app features.

Obviously there are pros and cons to both social networks. But one thing is for sure, it certainly seems to illicit strong opinions from users. Maybe neither is superior… as one blogger put it “Facebook is silly. Myspace is spooky”.Personally I use both networks. While I have been hacked once on myspace, I have also been bombarded with survey questions and the like from people I can’t even remember from junior high on facebook…

So…which network do you support?


According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute of Asheville, North Carolina, “It’s been estimated that [U.S] $800 or $900 million is lost in business on Friday the thirteenth because people will not fly or do business they would normally do.”


Now, I know there are a lot of theories on this most “unlucky” day…but, come on…

Bad things, unlucky things, unnecessary things happen every day. So, I’m supposed to believe that just because Gioachino Rossini died on Friday the 13th, The Battle of Hastings followed a Friday the 13th and some guy wrote about a conspiracy involving “the knights of templar” which deemed the 13th of Friday unlucky; that every Friday the 13th is going to bring doom?!


Hmmm… personally I think its just another way to control people with FEAR. But then again, the Olsen twins were born on a Friday the 13th..

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