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Ben Chappell Sees RED

Ben Chappell just recently was asked to speak at the HD Expo here in Chicago with Fletcher Camera’s Tom Fletcher. Incidentally, Ben has more experience with the RED than almost any other director of photography in the city!

What were they talking about this year at the HD Expo? RED,RED,RED!


The workshop was a highly informative two hour segment on all things relating to the RED camera. Ben says, “The event went great!  It was great to hear RED news straight from the source, Jon Sagud.  They have a new set of lenses coming out that will change the game!  As well as their new cameras Scarlet and Epic!!  Moving beyond 4K to even higher resolutions.”


HD Expo is a very cool event indeed and we were very proud to see one of our own so ahead of the curve!


You’ve Got FAN Mail!

So, one of our clients, John Gorski from SPM Advertising, was in here the other day working with Jeff Landsman and he decided to mess around with his digital camera…

Well…this was the end result…

I’m not gonna lie, this kind of made my day! So thanks again, John…You’ve made your way onto my “super awesome clients I may one day take a bullet for” list!


We’re having our first big party since we expanded our company! And everyone who’s anyone is invited!!!

Jordan Spritz, who was just accepted to be on Top Chef’s next season will be catering the event THIS THURSDAY!!! DJ, full bar, live band karaoke and good times! Plus we get to officially welcome three new staff members, Erik Crary, Kara Stallings and Jeff Landsman!

Be there!!!

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