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Del Gatto Gets to the Heart of LA From the Inside Out

Foundation’s Jonathan Del Gatto directed and edited this powerful and heartfelt piece for Inside Out Community Arts in Venice.

Check out the video here:

Shot with real kids who have gone through the program. Inside Out works with at risk kids and helps transform their fear into confidence through visual and performing arts workshops.

Jonathan directed, Helge Gerull shot, Stacy Paris produced, and the entire Foundation LA team lent additional support for the cause including Anna Patel, Aaron Brown and Alex Watson.


Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Editor Tom Pastorelle recently cut some videos for Symphony Guild Seattle Children’s Hospital. The videos were directed by Brian Johnson, who is a frequent collaborator of Tom’s.

Brian’s friend Mateo Messina (Grammy Award winner for the Juno score) asked him to concept and shoot four videos.  Mateo holds a benefit concert every year for this Hospital. One of the videos was a teaser for the benefit concert to air on local Seattle stations and the other three were to be shown during the event to familiarize the audience with the doctors and patients.

Brian and Tom spent a week cutting the videos and then sent them to Mateo to score.  This was a pro bono effort from start to finish.  Tom was happy to donate his time, saying,  “The reward was getting to work on something for a good cause and laughing it up in the editing room with Brian.  Good times.”

Of the four videos, one featured Rishi, a patient born without working kidneys. We all found his story particularly inspirational. This year the theme for the benefit was “superheroes”, so the kids each came up with a costume and a name.  Rishi is the “Peaceful Warrior” and he uses music to scare off bad guys and comfort people.

The Today Show aired a segment today on this young “Peaceful Warrior”!!

If you’d like to find out more about this incredible organization, follow the link:

Promises, Promises…

The Focus Creeps have just finished a music video for Cali band, The Morning Benders. The track is “Promises” and it’s off their new long awaited album Big Echo.

The video is already getting a ton of buzz around the blogosphere, appearing on drownedinsound, myspace, culture bully and many others! After only a few days up on myspace, the video has had nearly 20,000 views!

In Aaron Brown’s words, this video is “a kid’s caper cartoon”. With a nod to Bonnie and Clyde and perhaps even a little Truffaut thrown in, this video is not to be missed!

Crare-Bear Cares!

Line producer, Erik Crary recently delivered a truck load of canned and dry foods to CICS-Bucktown’s 3rd grade class for their holiday food drive! We recently finished a shoot which required that we recreate a supermarket aisle on our stage…hence the reason we had a truckload of groceries leftover!

Our dear Luz Colindres was hugely instrumental in this charitable act!  She put us in touch with her son’s 3rd grade teacher, we coordinated the drop off on our wrap day, and the kids won a pizza party for having the most canned goods for the food drive!!

The best part of this story? The kids wrote Mr. Crary some very moving thank you cards! Here are just a few we’d like to share of the dozens Erik received!

It really makes you think about the true meaning of the holidays! Giving gifts to others feel just as good as receiving them! Well done, CICS Bucktown!!

ABC…It’s Easy As…LOL

Today on they featured an article on kids using social networks.
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Vote for Nichyria!

So, a while back, we worked on a promotional video for Girls on the Run Chicago. If you’re not familiar, GOTR is an organization which promotes self confidence and health in young girls through the power of running. It’s really a great organization and I was so glad to be a part of last year’s marathon! Well, the girl we focused on was a little girl named Nichyria Byrd!

Anyway, Nichyria is back in the spotlight! Nichyria has been nominated for ESPN’s first-ever “Youth Achievement Award”!!! She is one of just five nominees from across the country, and the ONLY from the Midwest!!! We’re very proud of Nichyria and wish her tons of luck!

But she needs more than luck…she needs YOUR vote to win!!!
Online voting is open through June 15th!!


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