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Every Tattoo Tells A Story

Motion Designer, Jamin Clutcher, recently went to Nashville to film award winning tattoo artist Chris Saint Clark, at his shop Kustom Thrills Tattoo. Armed with a Canon 7D, his girlfriend shooting B-Roll on a Nikon D90, and a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing, Jamin shot this interview with Saint Clark.  Click the picture below to view!

The inspiration for this? What else? A kustom tat!

Jamin, as is shown in the piece above, got a tattoo of an old steam-engine, affectionately named “Genesee”. He tells me this¬† tattoo was meant to honor his grandfather, who always said if he could own his own railroad he’d name it Genessee (after his favorite beer!)

As someone who loves tattoos and has been itching to get another…. I found myself completely seduced by Saint Clark’s approach to the artistry behind the “black and gray”. Well done, Jamin!


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