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Behind the Scenes with AGGA B

This is a behind the scenes look at Foundation’s Matt Egan in action. Matt has shot several projects for fashion designer AGGA B recently and the footage from this particular shoot was for her Summer 2010 Collection. Click the picture below to view the footage.

Matt says of the experience, “Working with Agga or high end fashion in general is always an exciting and creative opportunity.  Fashion pieces always call for dynamic, progressive concepts, with pristine captivating imagery. The editing and sound all have to be flawless and dovetail with the concept to complete that compelling feel . The final piece must project a hypnotic energy,  a world that every viewer wants to dive into and make it their own. ”

What I love about this footage is the sophisticated glamour of it. The colors are great and having seen Matt in action, I can honestly say that he is the king of versatility. He can shoot everything from gritty rodeo shows to sequin encrusted models! And what a team we have! It’s easy to forget sometimes when we see these people every day, on every shoot- it’s easy to overlook just how awesomely talented each one of them is!  Good work, team!


Shoot’s 2010 New Directors Showcase Features Focus Creeps!!

The Focus Creeps were recently interviewed by Shoot Magazine for this month’s “New Directors” showcase!

Here is a segment of what the boys had to say:

It’s fun to invent problems that you then get to choose who you want to figure it out with. Collaboration and seeing how other people see things, and the ultimate product that comes out of everyone’s input and contributions is a tremendous feeling. It’s fantastic to have an idea and then see that idea realized in front of you. Like going to battle but without the casualties.

Check out the whole article here!

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