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Just Added to MTV

Race You to the Midwest Independent Film Festival!

Our music video for Elizabeth and the Catapult’s song “Race You” has been accepted into the Midwest Independent Film Festival‘s first-ever Female Filmmakers Night!  The festival is Tuesday March 2nd!!

Here is the schedule:

6:00 p.m. Cocktail reception
6:30 p.m. The Producers Panel!
7:30 p.m. Female Filmmakers Night
9:30 p.m. Afterparty at Forno Diablo

Here’s the Lineup:










Get tickets and more information on this awesome event here:

Artist Profile: Matt Egan

People may claim they are a “Jack of all trades” but how many of them can truly back that statement up?

Experience proves Matt Egan can.

Having been with Foundation for 4 years, Matt has honed his skills in the edit bay and in the studio as a director.   He is a frequent collaborator on the Target Brand and often works with Foundation’s directing duo, Focus Creeps on their branded style of music videos including two videos he edited for the band Girls, Cass McCombs and most recently Cold Cave on the Matador label.

Another example of Matt’s expertise as an editor is his work on the Illinois Lottery spot.  While the graphics were the largest component of the spot,  it was Matt’s edit and attention to sound design that brought it all to life. “When people see a graphic spot they don’t understand how much the edit really matters- there is a subtle art direction to it. The music, the color correction and an editor’s personal timing- a spot can really rock or not based on those things. For the Lottery spot as well as other 3D spots I’ve worked on, I direct what’s happening on screen in virtually the same way I direct in the studio – except it can be even more liberating in that you can put a light, camera or the point of interest anywhere with out any obstacles or set up time.”

As a director, Matt has probably tried every technique imaginable on our stage and it is not uncommon to see Matt splattered in food or paint, soaking wet or coming up with other interesting uses for plexiglass or even the rug that he used recently as a background in our video for Elizabeth & The Catapult “RACE YOU” which debuted on VEVO last week.  He is something of a “method director”.

Matt directed and edited a spot for Target to promote their reusable bag program. The creatives came to us with the idea of a sequence of bags jumping out of one another like Russian nesting dolls.  Matt decided to achieve this through stop motion animation.  Egan says “Target work is always fun because of how far they push the creative. On this particular project they wanted us to give these bags some personality as well as get the point across that you save 5 cents every time you use them.”  With Matt’s savvy in motion graphics he was able to work closely with our graphics team to achieve that “personality” and work seamlessly with the green screen elements.

Whether he’s editing, directing or doing double duty, Matt is a true creative force who is always pushing the creative boundaries.

Jenn Moody: Team Captain

We’ve posted a lot recently about the music video Foundation produced for Elizabeth and the Catapult’s new song “Race You”.   Now it’s time to give props to the creative woman who art directed this awesome video…our own Jenn Moody! Jenn has been with the company for four years after having served at a stint for MTV’s On Air Design department. She has a strong background in music video direction and also worked on Michelle Branch’s website.   At Foundation, she has spearheaded graphics for such brands  as Hampton, Quaker, Target, McDonald’s, and a number of main titles, but this is the first full length music video that Jenn has the opportunity to have been the lead art director.

For the “Race You” video, Jenn’s graphic vision was supported by a wonderful design/vfx team which included, Susanne De Lorme, Linas Jodwalis, Aaron Kemnitzer and Katrina Nelken. Jenn says “We would never have been able to get it done on time and have it look this amazing if we didn’t have such a great team of talented people working together on this”.

If you haven’t seen this beautiful video- check it out here!

Do You Vevo?

Elizabeth and the Catapult’s new video for their song “Race You” has invaded the blogosphere! Not only is it all over the internet but it’s getting a ton of hits on Vevo!

For those of you who don’t know, Vevo is the coolest thing since MTV!

Check it out here! or click the picture above! Join the Music Evolution Revolution at VEVO and enjoy this awesome video produced by Foundation!

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Shoot Magazine interviewed our President and Creative Director, Samantha Hart and Rob Jacobs (Senior Director of marketing for Universal Music Enterprises) today about the new music video we created for the Elizabeth and the Catapult’s hit song “Race You”!  Check out the article HERE!!

And be sure to check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet! Just click the picture below to view!!

“Race You” Goes Live!!!

In case you missed the Yahoo! premiere of Elizabeth and the Catapult’s new music video for hit song “Race You”, we’ve got it right here for your viewing pleasure! Click the picture to watch the video!!

We directed, shot, conceptualized and designed this video and we’re very proud of it! Jenn Moody designed the graphics for this video and the live action was shot right on our stage! It was a pleasure to work with this band and we hope you will all enjoy the video!

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