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Do You Vevo?

Elizabeth and the Catapult’s new video for their song “Race You” has invaded the blogosphere! Not only is it all over the internet but it’s getting a ton of hits on Vevo!

For those of you who don’t know, Vevo is the coolest thing since MTV!

Check it out here! or click the picture above! Join the Music Evolution Revolution at VEVO and enjoy this awesome video produced by Foundation!


Foundation Shoots and Scores!

We just worked on a piece in support of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics and it is being very well received!


The video was written by creative directors Marcus Taylor and Matthew Taylor and directed by Foundation’s Phil Lee. Phil had the opportunity to direct NBA Chicago Bulls star Luol Deng (who will be playing for team UK at the 2012 Olympics) and Paralympian Basketball player Matt Scott!

Ben Chappell and Steven Piet shot it and the tracks were provided by Vince Lawrence of Slang Music Group. Cory Coken at ARU did the mix and Kelly Armstrong of Color Playground, color corrected the piece. Be sure to check it out right here or click on the picture above!!


Hey all!

So…Jeff Landsman ( foundation editor/director) has started a podcast called Mac-Aroni! If you are a Mac person or just need some info on certain mac products, functions, etc. it is an AWESOME source of information!

I have always been a pc girl but at Foundation, we are completely mac based, so his podcast has been really helpful in terms of technical stuff. For example, he recently did an episode which compared iWork to Office 08…VERY informative!!! Plus, he just announced that he’s going to including iPhone apps as part of his regular show!

Anywho, for all my geeky homies out there…I give you

And check out his podcast on iTunes!

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