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Just For Laughs

Where were you yesterday at 1:30 pm (Central)? Well… if you were in Chicago’s Millennium Park, you may have seen an outrageously awesome social experiment organized by Tyler Walker, of Improv Everywhere  in conjunction with TBS. As a publicity stunt to kick off the Just for Laughs event on TBS this week, an “MP3 Experiment” took place that lasted about 30 minutes. Participants were told to download a song via their respective mp3 players. Utilizing one DVC Pro HD and a couple of flip cams, various shooters captured this hilarious footage.

Suzie Moore edited the footage together and Megan Guerrant produced. They wrapped at about 11:30 lastnight and it’s live today! Talk about a quick turn around. I think my favorite part has to be when this “mysterious voice” actually got a mob of people to use their finger’s as moustaches! Brilliant!


We are pleased to welcome Editor Christina Stumpf to the Foundation family! Christina brings her intuition and passion for storytelling to the team, after a ten year run at the Whitehouse. Drawn to diverse material, she’s cut campaigns across genres for such brands as Miller, Orbitz, Cadillac, Sears, and Office Max, for whose web video “Jewelry” was shortlisted at Cannes.

Stumpf’s long form credits include,”Hidden in Plain Sight”, a documentary in collaboration with UN Goodwill Ambassador Julia Ormond; “Hidden in Plain Sight”, with the support of former President Clinton, has helped raise over $1 million to promote awareness and help eradicate human trafficking worldwide.

President Samantha Hart adds, “We are thrilled that Christina has joined us and are looking forward to her playing both a creative and leadership role at our company.” Welcome Christina, we all look forward to working with you!

More Moore! Call Hall!

Suzie Moore has been promoted to Editor! Moore joined the company as Senior Assistant Editor two years ago after getting her start at Avenue Edit. In her role as Senior Assistant, Moore quickly gained the attention of clients who began asking for her unique editorial vision on their projects. Suzie has boundless creative energy and a sharp eye, which she has demonstrated on recent projects for clients as varied as Sharpie, Depaul University, Mitsubishi, Unilever, Courvoisier, the Chicago Wolves, Harper’s Bazaar, TransUnion, and CROCs.

Drew Hall moves up from Assistant Editor to Editor. Born in England, Drew relocated from California to Chicago where he considered a climb on the corporate ladder before realizing his passion lay in film. A self-taught filmmaker, he was writing, directing and editing his own projects before joining Foundation as an assistant editor to owner James Lipetzky, who was impressed with both his work and his work ethic.

“We believe that Foundation’s success is all about finding and growing talent,” says Lipetzky. “We pride ourselves on creating an environment that promotes creative drive and excellence, allowing people to step up and maximize their capabilities.” Here, here!

Ben Chappell Sees RED

Ben Chappell just recently was asked to speak at the HD Expo here in Chicago with Fletcher Camera’s Tom Fletcher. Incidentally, Ben has more experience with the RED than almost any other director of photography in the city!

What were they talking about this year at the HD Expo? RED,RED,RED!


The workshop was a highly informative two hour segment on all things relating to the RED camera. Ben says, “The event went great!  It was great to hear RED news straight from the source, Jon Sagud.  They have a new set of lenses coming out that will change the game!  As well as their new cameras Scarlet and Epic!!  Moving beyond 4K to even higher resolutions.”


HD Expo is a very cool event indeed and we were very proud to see one of our own so ahead of the curve!

Who Knew…

that a THERMOS could change someone’s life so completely?!

I really can’t say what it is about my new thermos has been so life altering, but I’ve compiled a short list to try to convey the awesomeness to you non-thermos folk…

1. No longer will I have to pay $1.50 for “green tea” (okay, just because in a green packet, doesn’t mean it’s REALLY green tea) on the way to work

2. No longer will I have to come back to my desk after a long meeting to a lukewarm cup o’ joe

3. Now NOBODY knows what I’m drinking…I can drink whatever the hell I want, judgement free!

4. I find that now that I have a “special container”, things like water just don’t seem as humdrum…I find I’m drinking way more water lately because of it.

5. It makes being green super easy!

6. I’m not gonna lie, it’s kind of a Linus security blanket thing.

Anyway…go buy a thermos and you’ll totally see what I mean. Seriously…I may never go back to regular old cups again!

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