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Burning the Midnight…Drool?

While this picture most likely speaks for itself…. I feel I should probably put it into some sort of context for y’all…

This is Ben Chappell after an all-nighter spent cutting a music video with Matt Egan for Port O’Brien! Stay tuned for the end result!


Move Over Second City…Make Way for Long Pork!

Excuse me?!

But seriously… Foundation employee and resident “funny guy” Zoran Gvojic and his comedy group, Long Pork, were just written up in the Chicago Tribune for their splendid show “Soda”.

Below is an excerpt from the review:

The Long Pork troupe proves that transitions between scenes (and even intermission) can be an opportunity for yet more comedy. “Soda” (directed by TJ Jagodowski) is also one of the few examples of sketch that uses multimedia to play up the live-action onstage.

There’s a hilarious bit that brings to mind a 3-D movie gone haywire (the performers jump out from the screen, and back again). That it’s set in a men’s john is just sophomoric enough to cut the high-concept premise down to size.

It’s a strong group.

Wanna see the full review? CLICK HERE!

If the rest of the troupe is as bizarrely entertaining as Zoran…then you have no excuse not to go see this show!

Check it out through May 23 at the Apollo Studio Theater, 2540 N. Lincoln Ave. Tickets are $15 at 773-935-6100. (The show is at 8:00pm every Saturday.)

Yes…We Did


Happy Halloween

I want to meet this guy.


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