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Little Fish Seeks Big Pond

Just saw this article on Reel Chicago, (CLICK HERE TO READ), Ruth Ratny interviews filmmaker Ky Dickens (Fish Out of Water). The article discusses Ky’s motives behind this thought provoking film about homosexuality and religion, the unusual though refreshingly unique use of animation throughout the film and the equally unusual way Ky chose to finance her film… by cashing in her IRA!

Ky even gives Foundation a shout out, as she cites that Anna Patel on-lined and assisted with some creative editing, also cutting the trailer. We’ve hugely supported this film from the moment Ky walked through our door! It’s a wonderful message and brilliantly executed. If you haven’t seen the trailer, please check out the link above!

If you want to see the film, it will be playing at the 28th Reeling: Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival through Nov. 15.

For more details on the film, see


Time Out Chicago Supports Fish Out… of Water

This week, Time Out Chicago published an article, as part of their “Things to Do” section, promoting the documentary “Fish Out of Water” by writer/director Ky Dickens.  Our own Anna Patel not only cut the trailer for this bold film but she also onlined, color corrected and provided additional editing to the ending of the film!

Picture 1

We at Foundation support this humorous and insightful film and are glad to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

So…wanna see it?

The film will be screening on Sunday, November 8th at 5:00 PM at the Music Box Theatre as part of The Reeling Film Fest!!

If you’d like more info on the film, check out their website:

Out of the Water and Into a Theatre Near YOU!

Fish Out of Water is finally premiering in Chicago!!!

It will be the documentary centerpiece at this year’s Chicago Reeling film festival!! Foundation’s Anna Patel cut the trailer to this film and was very involved in the post process, working closely with writer/director Ky Dickens.

The film will be screening on Sunday, November 8th at 5:00 PM at the Music Box!!
Tickets will be released the first week of October! Don’t miss it!!

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