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Inevitable Michael Jackson Post

I tried to put this off for as long as I could…but there’s no way around it, it seems…The King of Pop is dead.


Regardless of what you thought about Jackson’s personal life and questionable relations with children…it cannot be denied that he was not only a musical pioneer and an extremely talented performer…but he was perhaps one of the biggest pop culture icons of our generation’s time (Gen Y, I’m talking to you!) All you need to do is look to twitter, facebook and other blogs to see his impact on our culture. Many of us learned to moonwalk right after we learned to walk!

As a company that prides itself on our creativity, we remember Michael Jackson as a creative innovator with an unmatched passion for his art. Peace out Michael and thanks for all the awesome videos, the inspiration for some of our generation’s favorite parodies and the music!

Here’s a few of my personal favorite Jackson videos/tributes/parodies:

What are yours?


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