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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

… and people everywhere today are either puking up 3 year old chalky hearts that Hallmark passes off as candy or their making others puke with their “cute coupledom”.

Well, whichever side of the Valentine’s Day fence you happen to fall on, Focus Creeps have a project coming up that you’re sure to find… sweeeeeeet!

Dream Trinity… it’s a film which follows San Francisco band Girls, Smith Westerns and Magic Kids on a cross country tour and it is sure to be the ultimate rock and roll romance film of 2011!

This film will be hitting the festival scene soon, so keep an eye out and enjoy this tasty, low calorie, non puke inducing treat and don’t forget to share it with someone you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Foundation!


Just Added to MTV

Every Picture Tells A Story…

And this one is no exception!

The Focus Creeps (Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown) just ended a ten city tour, documenting three bands on the road including indie sensation Girls! The dynamic duo are currently in Portland right now shooting a video for Port O’Brien!

We received this picture via iPhone of their journey thus far…hmmm…. fishing rods and creepy antique baby dolls… yep, this is definitely a Focus Creeps project. Have fun boys!

Artist Profile: Matt Egan

People may claim they are a “Jack of all trades” but how many of them can truly back that statement up?

Experience proves Matt Egan can.

Having been with Foundation for 4 years, Matt has honed his skills in the edit bay and in the studio as a director.   He is a frequent collaborator on the Target Brand and often works with Foundation’s directing duo, Focus Creeps on their branded style of music videos including two videos he edited for the band Girls, Cass McCombs and most recently Cold Cave on the Matador label.

Another example of Matt’s expertise as an editor is his work on the Illinois Lottery spot.  While the graphics were the largest component of the spot,  it was Matt’s edit and attention to sound design that brought it all to life. “When people see a graphic spot they don’t understand how much the edit really matters- there is a subtle art direction to it. The music, the color correction and an editor’s personal timing- a spot can really rock or not based on those things. For the Lottery spot as well as other 3D spots I’ve worked on, I direct what’s happening on screen in virtually the same way I direct in the studio – except it can be even more liberating in that you can put a light, camera or the point of interest anywhere with out any obstacles or set up time.”

As a director, Matt has probably tried every technique imaginable on our stage and it is not uncommon to see Matt splattered in food or paint, soaking wet or coming up with other interesting uses for plexiglass or even the rug that he used recently as a background in our video for Elizabeth & The Catapult “RACE YOU” which debuted on VEVO last week.  He is something of a “method director”.

Matt directed and edited a spot for Target to promote their reusable bag program. The creatives came to us with the idea of a sequence of bags jumping out of one another like Russian nesting dolls.  Matt decided to achieve this through stop motion animation.  Egan says “Target work is always fun because of how far they push the creative. On this particular project they wanted us to give these bags some personality as well as get the point across that you save 5 cents every time you use them.”  With Matt’s savvy in motion graphics he was able to work closely with our graphics team to achieve that “personality” and work seamlessly with the green screen elements.

Whether he’s editing, directing or doing double duty, Matt is a true creative force who is always pushing the creative boundaries.

Girl Crazy!!!

Myspace Music just announced their picks for top 30 music videos of 2009 and you’ll never guess who made the list?!! GIRLS!!!

I’m telling you, the whole world has gone Girls crazy!! This band has been kicking ass and taking names all year!! Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown’s music video for Girls hit “Lust for Life” came in at number 28, sandwiched between Black Eyed Peas and 50 Cent! Click the pic above to check out the video!

Foundation Flaunts Their Focus Creeps

Foundation directors Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown have been in the press a lot lately for their work with the band “Girls” and folk artist Cass McCombs.  They were just interviewed by Wow Magazine and had a lot to say about film, their creative process and their influences.

Aaron Brown is quoted as saying, “The emphasis is on collaboration. Our instincts are to focus on the more emotional and nuanced elements of a song or a character, slowing down your experience of the song, encouraging you to see more sides to it than you may have before.” Well, Aaron, we couldn’t agree more! We at Foundation are proud to be representing this innovative duo and look forward to their upcoming projects in the new year!

Way to go guys!

Topping Off 2009!

Foundation directors Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell have been in the spotlight recently for their music video work with band “Girls”. Just today, Pitchfork announced their picks for the top 40 music videos of 2009 and guess who made the list?!

Aaron and Ben’s video for Girls song “Hellhole Ratrace” made the list as did a video Ben handled the cinematography for a Cass McCombs tune, “You Saved My Life”! These videos are featured alongside videos for artists such as Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, Coldplay and Kanye West!

Check it out:

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