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Stay Tuned…

The music video we created for band Elizabeth and the Catapult‘s song “Race You” premieres on Yahoo on January 25th!!!

We are very excited to see this video go live!


Also, check out production stills from the shoot on our flickr page!


Ruth Raises the Roof

Check it out! Ruth Ratny just wrote a story on us for Reel Chicago! She introduces newcomers Erik Crary, Jeff Landsman and Kara Stallings! The article discusses our continuing expansion and our “one-stop-shopping”!!

It’s pretty inspiring! Of course, I am partial. =)

Adero Arrives!

Remember Adero Neely? Teen star on the rise? The caped crusader of Chi-Town?

Well, the moment has come to officially unveil the video for his hit song “Animated”!!

We’re very proud to have been a part of this and look forward to saying “We knew him when…” Also- if you’re a fan and would like to see more production shots, check them out here! BTW, watch for Adero’ s video on MTV Canada and BET, which will be put into rotation shortly!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…

A fourteen year old hip-hop artist?!

Phil Lee recently directed a music video for Adero Neely, an up and coming talent with a passion for rhythm and rhyme. Adero’s song “Animated” has already dominated the local Chicago radio waves but he’s not about to stop there! With this debut music video, Adero hopes to broaden his audience on a national scale

The video was shot in HD and the locations were awesome! We started early at the Victor Hotel over in the warehouse district. Pretty cool club. We had about 40 dancers and extras…all under the age of 17!!! It was great seeing kids actively engaging their talents and having so much fun!

After we wrapped at the Victor Hotel, we headed over to the Ping Tom Memorial Park near Pilsen. The park had a wonderfully industrial feel to it and the footage really came out nice despite the awful weather…oh, did I forget to mention that it was raining and about 30 out?

Did I mention it was starting to rain and was about 30 degrees? Anyway, after the park we still had one more whole day of shooting ahead of us!! The next day we started out bright and early at Foundation. Once Adero and our “catwoman” were ready to go, we transformed our client lounge into the teenager’s bedroom and our studio, with the awesome power of green screen, became a lair befitting of a superhero on-the-go!

This bridge is located on “lumber street” here in Chicago and it provided the perfect perch for a damsel in distress!

Overall, I’d say the shoot was a major success! We had a blast making this video and look forward to sharing it with everyone when it is completed… SO STAY TUNED!

Oh yeah, and there was cake.

P.S. Our PA, Beren, and I broke the cake while driving the Foundation minivan through Chinatown… a few vats of cooked cabbage were also lost in the process.

Pleased to Meet You

Foundation Post, which is based in Chicago, began as a strictly post production house where we cut commercial editorial. Today, it is so much more! Foundation Content began about a year ago with the creation of our green screen studio. We’re constantly creating here at Foundation…whether it’s a short film, a 30 second spot or a movie trailer! We really love what we do here!

Enough about our past though…we’re are excited about the future of media and hope to contribute to it the only way we know how…creatively!

If you haven’t checked out our website yet, please do:

Also…for all you youtubers and myspacers:

Sorry…no facebook…it ruins lives. =) jk

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