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A Little Pre-Halloween Potluck!

Suzie and Luz organized a Halloween potluck today and it was a HUGE success! Everybody brought food and the conference room was decorated with cobwebs and bats!

Check out our spooky spread!

It was good times! Thanks everyone for bringing all these amazing treats!


Happy Holidays from Foundation!!

It’s been an incredible year!! Thank you all for making it so special! Have an inspired new year!!!

Crare-Bear Cares!

Line producer, Erik Crary recently delivered a truck load of canned and dry foods to CICS-Bucktown’s 3rd grade class for their holiday food drive! We recently finished a shoot which required that we recreate a supermarket aisle on our stage…hence the reason we had a truckload of groceries leftover!

Our dear Luz Colindres was hugely instrumental in this charitable act!  She put us in touch with her son’s 3rd grade teacher, we coordinated the drop off on our wrap day, and the kids won a pizza party for having the most canned goods for the food drive!!

The best part of this story? The kids wrote Mr. Crary some very moving thank you cards! Here are just a few we’d like to share of the dozens Erik received!

It really makes you think about the true meaning of the holidays! Giving gifts to others feel just as good as receiving them! Well done, CICS Bucktown!!

Tis the Season to…


We had our company holiday party last week and yes…it has taken me about a week to recover, which is why this post is a bit delayed. =)

We had our party at JFOD. Great food, great band, great fun!

(video courtesy of Jeff Landsman)

Wanna see more pictures? Check out our flickr page!!

My favorite part of the night? Definetly the end of night, 8 person rendition of Purple Rain! (Wish that was on film!)

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