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How’s the Weather?

Though it’s been unusually cool in Chicago these days, our L.A. office has been heating up. Check out this latest project we worked on with the folks from High Wide and Handsome.  Working with Production Company Chromatic Films and director James Tooley, we put together these spoof Weather forecast spots for “Rift”, a new video game by Trion.  These are the web spots but they also finished for Broadcast and are airing on SyFy, FX, and G4!

Anna Patel edited all the spots while Jamin Clutcher handled the graphics.  Color by Tom Rovak, audio mix by Ryan Pribyl, and produced by Stacy Paris; as always, a true team effort from our brilliant staff.

Every Tattoo Tells A Story

Motion Designer, Jamin Clutcher, recently went to Nashville to film award winning tattoo artist Chris Saint Clark, at his shop Kustom Thrills Tattoo. Armed with a Canon 7D, his girlfriend shooting B-Roll on a Nikon D90, and a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing, Jamin shot this interview with Saint Clark.  Click the picture below to view!

The inspiration for this? What else? A kustom tat!

Jamin, as is shown in the piece above, got a tattoo of an old steam-engine, affectionately named “Genesee”. He tells me this  tattoo was meant to honor his grandfather, who always said if he could own his own railroad he’d name it Genessee (after his favorite beer!)

As someone who loves tattoos and has been itching to get another…. I found myself completely seduced by Saint Clark’s approach to the artistry behind the “black and gray”. Well done, Jamin!

New Graphics Division Announced!!

Former Lift motion designer Curt Cooper will be taking the lead as our Creative Director! Also migrating from Lift is Lusia Boryczko, who will assume the role of producer, Kyle Shoup, who becomes Senior Motion Designer, and Motion Designer Jesse Willis.This new team builds on the already strong core of Senior Motion Designer Jennifer Moody, Designer Jamin Clutcher, and Jason Voke who rises to Associate Creative Director.

(left to right) Jennifer Moody,  Jesse Willis,  Jamin Clutcher,  Jason Voke,  Curt Cooper,  Lusia Boryczko,  Kyle Shoup.

Check out the official press release at Ruth Ratny’s Reel Chicago!!

With such an impressive lineup of talent, our new division represents a formidable force in the Chicago market and beyond. The team will also be servicing clients from our Los Angeles office.

Welcome aboard, gang!

We Are the Champions…Of YouTube!

Okay- so, Anna, one of our star editors, directed and edited this piece for Flow Creative called “Treeless Squirrel”. Basically, we dressed up one of our staff, Jamin, in a giant squirrel costume and… wait- actually, it’s probably better if you just watch it cause all this exposition could get weird.

Anyway- the video was featured on YouTube and was #1!!! Anna rocks and so does environmental awareness!

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