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Geek Alert!

I gotta admit…this is pretty obvious but pretty funny….and totally GEEKTASTIC!


Editor Jeff Landsman, AKA Landsmo Calrissian! I love it!


Green Screen Scene

So, you may have asked yourself, as I have so many nights laying awake in wonder, what are the benefits of green screen technology?

Lucky for me, I work with cheese enthusiast and technology buff, Jeff Landsman. Perhaps you’ve listened to his podcast or seen his geek-gasmic website, Mac-Aroni? If you haven’t and you are a mac user or a little mac-curious as I once was, the podcast is an incredibly helpful and informative little program!

But back to my burning desire to understand green screen technology and WHY the benefits can be HUGE!

Take it away, Jeff…

And there you have it. So…maybe we did just swap out the voice at the end rather than reshoot the scene…but I’ll tell you what Foundation has that NO other post/content house does…ZAZZ…lots of zazz.

Ruth Raises the Roof

Check it out! Ruth Ratny just wrote a story on us for Reel Chicago! She introduces newcomers Erik Crary, Jeff Landsman and Kara Stallings! The article discusses our continuing expansion and our “one-stop-shopping”!!

It’s pretty inspiring! Of course, I am partial. =)


We’re having our first big party since we expanded our company! And everyone who’s anyone is invited!!!

Jordan Spritz, who was just accepted to be on Top Chef’s next season will be catering the event THIS THURSDAY!!! DJ, full bar, live band karaoke and good times! Plus we get to officially welcome three new staff members, Erik Crary, Kara Stallings and Jeff Landsman!

Be there!!!


Hey all!

So…Jeff Landsman ( foundation editor/director) has started a podcast called Mac-Aroni! If you are a Mac person or just need some info on certain mac products, functions, etc. it is an AWESOME source of information!

I have always been a pc girl but at Foundation, we are completely mac based, so his podcast has been really helpful in terms of technical stuff. For example, he recently did an episode which compared iWork to Office 08…VERY informative!!! Plus, he just announced that he’s going to including iPhone apps as part of his regular show!

Anywho, for all my geeky homies out there…I give you

And check out his podcast on iTunes!

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