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Shoot’s 2010 New Directors Showcase Features Focus Creeps!!

The Focus Creeps were recently interviewed by Shoot Magazine for this month’s “New Directors” showcase!

Here is a segment of what the boys had to say:

It’s fun to invent problems that you then get to choose who you want to figure it out with. Collaboration and seeing how other people see things, and the ultimate product that comes out of everyone’s input and contributions is a tremendous feeling. It’s fantastic to have an idea and then see that idea realized in front of you. Like going to battle but without the casualties.

Check out the whole article here!


Aaron and Ben Do It Again!

Phew! Two big headlines in just one day!!

Pitchfork and Time Out New York just posted these articles today featuring Aaron Brown as the director and Ben Chappell as the DP on two of Cass McCombs’ videos, “Dreams- Come- True Girl” and “The Executioner’s Song”! Check them out below!



These guys are unstoppable! Congrats Ben and Aaron!

The Dream Continues…

Remember this post about Karen Black and Cass McCombs’ duet “Dreams-Come- True Girl”?

Well, the duo has made headlines yet again! Check out this online article from the San Francisco Bay Guardian!

The review is pretty solid! See an excerpt of it below!

Beginning in Buddy Holly territory, “Dreams-Come-True Girl” moves handsomely through contemplative passages before Black arrives. It isn’t an overstatement to say that she turns in a country-rock grand dame performance worthy of a Wynette or Loretta Lynn while very much putting her distinct stamp on the song, switching from sublime siren calls to comic dance requests on a dime.

Once again, we’re very glad we got to be a part of this and if you haven’t checked the video, directed by Aaron Brown and shot by Ben Chappell, check it out below!

Spike Jonze Loves Karen Black So

So, director, Spike Jonze recently posted a little shout to his blog (We Love You So) out regarding the music video we produced for folk artist Cass McCombs, which featured Karen Black. Check it out!


It’s a great review of the video and it’s great publicity for McCombs.

Dreams Come True

Foundation’s own Ben Chappell has just shot and directed a music video for Cass McCombs which features noneother than utterly fierce and fab actress Karen Black!

It’s a very cool video and was shot entirely on RED in Petaluma, Ca. Matt Egan did one of the first cuts which Cass and Ben ended up using pieces from for the final edit. Ben said of working with Black, “Karen was a great pleasure to work with and contributed a lot to the look with her dark yet sensual presence.”

Nuff said.

See it featured at Pitchfork and The Fader! Wanna see production stills? Check out our FLICKR PAGE!

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