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Focus Creeps co-directed this documentary on garage bands with Joseph Patel.  The film is a glimpse into the world of garage rock, and it is screening TONIGHT (April 20th)  in Chicago!

It’s fun and short (71minutes) and has a lot of bands that I know you all adore!

April 20, 2011
Century City Cinema
2828 N. Clark Street

RSVP here:


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…

… and people everywhere today are either puking up 3 year old chalky hearts that Hallmark passes off as candy or their making others puke with their “cute coupledom”.

Well, whichever side of the Valentine’s Day fence you happen to fall on, Focus Creeps have a project coming up that you’re sure to find… sweeeeeeet!

Dream Trinity… it’s a film which follows San Francisco band Girls, Smith Westerns and Magic Kids on a cross country tour and it is sure to be the ultimate rock and roll romance film of 2011!

This film will be hitting the festival scene soon, so keep an eye out and enjoy this tasty, low calorie, non puke inducing treat and don’t forget to share it with someone you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Foundation!


I really have no witty commentary to add to this…I feel the photo speaks for itself.

But I will say that working in close proximity to our DP, Ben Chappell (featured left) and our Creative Manager, Ian Pfaff (on the right) has made me more in touch with my feelings and more open about expressing my inner most desires for world domination…wait a minute…strike that…But seriously, our staff is the best!!

On second thought….maybe there was just something in the air the day that first photo was taken ?!

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