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Live From New York, It’s…


We are proud to announce the addition of  Producer, Adrienne Britzman to the Chicago team.  Britzman joins us from The Mill in New York City.  With over five years of experience in post production and a background in visual effects production, her past clients have included Leo Burnett, BBDO, Wieden and Kennedy, Euro RSCG and JWT.

Executive Producer, Tracy Heropkie says of the new addition, “We are thrilled to have Adrienne on board at Foundation Content.  She brings with her a wealth of experience, a strong work ethic and a great creative energy.”

Adrienne adds, “I’m really excited to join the family at Foundation.  It’s an honor to work with such talented and determined individuals.  Not even two days into the job, and I’m bidding on 5 new projects that involve both production and post.  I look forward to working with all team members of Foundation and discovering the Windy City!”

She can be reached at :


Focus Creeps Create Creepy Teaser Trailer

For those of you who recall frightening tales of Bat Boy and other mutants and alien spaceships screaming out for attention from grocery check out stations, you are in luck!  The Weekly World News who published the now defunct magazine – is back -under the leadership of CEO, Neil McGinness, who just published a new book entitled “Going Mutant.

This week, Foundation CEO, Samantha Hart, was in the Big Apple and attended a book signing party for “Going Mutant” in the East Village.  What’s the connection? McGinniss is a fan of Foundation’s Focus Creeps and enlisted the boys to produce an appropriately “creep-ie” teaser trailer to promote the brand.

The Creeps, Matt Egan and Jordan Grant traveled to Wisconsin, to a spooky nook called the Cave of the Mounds to shoot the Bat Boy in all his battiness.  And who is behind that scary mask?  I’ll never tell but from the look of the trailer which debuts tomorrow, it could be the real deal!!

Here are some snaps from the party in NYC.

Pictured on the left, Weekly World News CEO Neil McGinniss posing with the Bat Boy Bobble-head.

Photo Op!

Check out this page from Shoot Magazine’s recent Director’s Symposium and 8th Annual NDS Event! Notice any familiar faces? Check out #7!

President, Samantha Hart, partied the night away in New York with Foundation’s Focus Creeps Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown!

Agga B Spring/Summer Collection Shoot

What were Focus Creep Ben Chappell, co-director Matt Egan and producer Jordan Grant doing yesterday at DuSable Harbor, with a beautiful scantily clad model on a boat?

The boys were shooting a fashion commercial for the Agga B Spring/Summer 2010 collection with Factor Women model, Nadiya.

The footage was shot with the Canon 7D and as if these snaps weren’t hot enough, they will be shooting two more episodes within the next two weeks!

“Life Magazine” Premieres!!

The Focus Creeps (Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell) have just directed another music video, this time for the band Cold Cave and their hit song “Life Magazine”. The video debuted today and is already getting tons of hits!

The video was shot in a Brooklyn loft which was described to me as “dirty, dusty and filthy raw”. Ben and Aaron shot on 3 cameras including a 1980 VHS Camera that Aaron bought at a thrift store. Matt Egan edited this piece.

The whole idea of this video was to bring the album cover to life! The video stars Marti Domination, who was featured on the cover of the band’s album “Love Comes Close”. Fun Fact: Marti Domination also appears as Goodyear in Matthew Barney’s “Cremaster 1”!

Check out the press release by Matador Records and an interview with the band at The Quietus. Click the picture above to view the video!! And check these creepy production stills, brought to you by The Focus Creeps.

Cold Cave Craze!

Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown (AKA The Focus Creeps) are starting off the new year with a brand new music video shoot in New York with band, Cold Cave (Matador Records). The song is “Life Magazine” and it’s currently featured in a  Radio Shack spot!

This will be the band’s first real music video off their debut record. The concept for the video is to bring their album cover, shown above, to life. If the album cover is any indication, this video may very well take Cold Cave fans further down the proverbial “rabbit hole”!

Be sure to check out the band’s music here:

Aaron and Ben Do It Again!

Phew! Two big headlines in just one day!!

Pitchfork and Time Out New York just posted these articles today featuring Aaron Brown as the director and Ben Chappell as the DP on two of Cass McCombs’ videos, “Dreams- Come- True Girl” and “The Executioner’s Song”! Check them out below!



These guys are unstoppable! Congrats Ben and Aaron!

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