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Hayden Watering Hole

Culver City’s Hayden Tract is home to agencies (Ogilvy), TV networks (Tennis Channel), and international brands (Nike, Converse), but there is one thing that has been sorely missing from this burgeoning creative community – a bar.  Well, that changed on Thursday, September 15th when we introduced the Hayden Watering Hole at our Culver City studio.  With neighbors and a few friends as our guests, we had the ladies of Comal cook up the best Frito Pie in a Bag in LA and serve up some tasty libations while we enjoyed tunes courtesy of KCRW’s Jason Kramer and his Elias Arts crew.  Stay posted for more Hayden Watering Hole events, including a series of live musical performances.


Higher and Higher

Anna Patel edited a few pieces for Nike in honor of Black History Month, featuring Kobe Bryant, and they were just released on Dime Magazine’s website.

Take a look!

The videos are part of a series called “Ever Higher”. The series features sports titans Julius Erving, Michael Jordan and a handful of sports and cultural influencers including Freddie Gibbs, and Mick Boogie. Anna did a great job on the cut and our own Jesse Willis assisted with graphics on this project.

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