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Tease, Tease, Tease!

Owner, Samantha Hart, was just recently in Los Angeles to oversee the building of our new space in Culver City. Foundation’s IT Specialist and Audio Master, Ryan Pribyl, was on hand as well to shoot this little virtual tour for you all to drool over!

Check out these pictures as well!

We will be opening our brand spankin’ new doors in December!


We’re Mid-Coastal!

So, in case you didn’t catch our last newsletter…let me get you up to speed…

We’ve opened an office in Los Angeles!!

The office will be run by Stacy Paris who is no stranger to the Foundation family!


Stacy first cut her teeth in the world of production back in 2003 while working along side Creative Director and company founder Samantha Hart in Los Angeles.  She went on to work for Trio Films and most recently Stacy worked as the Director of Marketing at Immergent, an indie record label in  West L.A..

Check out this article Ruth Ratny recently posted to Reel Chicago!!

Want to see stills from our first project from the L.A. office? Check it out on our Flickr page!!!


Not literally…and no, I am not blogging about that upcoming film starring Jessica Biel’s bottom and co-starring Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenlllwhateverthall.

I’m talking about Spa Where You Are coming to our office for a day of pampering for some of our extremely hard workers of the moment!

One of our senior producers, who missed out last time we did this, got to sit back and have fifteen minutes to herself…I mean, I know this doesn’t really seem like it should be breaking news…but you don’t know Tracy Heropkie! This woman NEVER stays home sick and hardly ever leaves the office!

However, there is one poor soul in our office that has gotten into the habit of staying past midnight! And who- you might ask-is this night owl lurking the halls of Foundation?! Why, it’s the newest member of our Foundation fam, Zac Farley!

Anyway, due to some upgrades, Zac has been having some seriously late night rendezvous with our XSAN! So…20TB’s later…It was mani-time!

Spa Where You Are is kind of awesome! They’ll come out and do manicures, pedicures, table massages…it’s a great service! Check out their website:

Btw, Zac’s color is called “Lincoln Park After Dark” and I sooooo want it!

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