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Hayden Watering Hole

Culver City’s Hayden Tract is home to agencies (Ogilvy), TV networks (Tennis Channel), and international brands (Nike, Converse), but there is one thing that has been sorely missing from this burgeoning creative community – a bar.  Well, that changed on Thursday, September 15th when we introduced the Hayden Watering Hole at our Culver City studio.  With neighbors and a few friends as our guests, we had the ladies of Comal cook up the best Frito Pie in a Bag in LA and serve up some tasty libations while we enjoyed tunes courtesy of KCRW’s Jason Kramer and his Elias Arts crew.  Stay posted for more Hayden Watering Hole events, including a series of live musical performances.


New Media Vs. Analog Adguys

I recently attended the Chicago New Media Summit in search of new knowledge about my field and was sorely disappointed when the first day ended up being one long tutorial session for *coughs uncomfortably* matureseasoned...old people. There….I said it. (BUT LET ME EXPLAIN before you close this window and start sending me hate mail)

The summit was kind of negs on Chicago youth in media. One speaker said, and I quote, “the youth need to be held back a bit”…hmmm….I’m 24….does that make me “the youth”? Do I need to be held back?

It was also funny and sad to see a bunch of aging men from the adworld’s “good ole days” talking about “the facebook” and how it’s going to be a tool in changing the face of media.

The second day was pretty cool though! Lots of Web 2.5 talk and we all know how much I love that. Miguel Gonzalez of DraftFCB gave a session on viral branding and new technologies for advertising which was very informative and engaging. And my friend Jim Marcus of Ogilvy was there for a segment on the 2016 Olympic bid, in which he gave a little shout out to Foundation for shooting a video for the bid. =)

All in all, I’d give the summit a thumb up for the networking and a few good speakers and a thumb down for the bizarro ageism.

Jeff Landsman managed to join me for part of the first day. Jeff made the times when I was bored out of my mind, after hearing four speakers refer to “Blogger” as a “cutting edge” blogging tool, a little more entertaining.

Oh and btw, have you ever heard of Daisy Whitney’s “new media minute”? If not…look it up on youtube…and tell me you wouldn’t LOVE to see a parody?! Puh-Leeze!

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