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Foundation Shoots and Scores!

We just worked on a piece in support of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics and it is being very well received!


The video was written by creative directors Marcus Taylor and Matthew Taylor and directed by Foundation’s Phil Lee. Phil had the opportunity to direct NBA Chicago Bulls star Luol Deng (who will be playing for team UK at the 2012 Olympics) and Paralympian Basketball player Matt Scott!

Ben Chappell and Steven Piet shot it and the tracks were provided by Vince Lawrence of Slang Music Group. Cory Coken at ARU did the mix and Kelly Armstrong of Color Playground, color corrected the piece. Be sure to check it out right here or click on the picture above!!


Smoke Signals

Literally… our kitchen looks like the set of Backdraft! And it’s all thanks to a snarky little redhead with a craving for popcorn.


It all started when producer, Carrie Lewis wanted some popcorn…then…it just got out of control. “It was a defective bag” claimed Lewis, who had forgotten the bag was in the microwave while talking to A/R… not ten feet away.

Luckily, editor, Phil Lee arived on the scene shortly after the bag was set ablaze! “When I opened that door…I just didn’t even know what to expect” Phil explained, “I just grabbed the bag and got it outta there… I knew it had to be done”.

Fortunately for everyone at Foundation…we also have a resident Jedi, Matt Egan, who knew exacty what to do under pressure.


Meet at the McCafe!

Phil Lee just directed this piece for Burrell’s new campaign for McDonalds’ new line of McCafe coffees. 110 (Click the picture to be a fly on the wall as a brand is born!)

When Grammy nominated artist Dwele and beloved neo-soul singer Conya Doss came to town to wrap up their collaborative track to support the new McDonalds McCafe brand, Phil took on the task of being a fly on the wall…with a camera.  Of the process, Phil said “this was an opportunity for people to see the magic  of great music making up close and personal. We just wanted them to do what they normally do in the studio.  Great music isn’t scripted, it flows.  This is where they spend most of their time and where they’re most comfortable.”

The shoot took place at Jira Studios over the course of one day.  The other Foundation flies on the wall included DP Steven Piet, A.D. Brad Holland, line producer Erik Crary and producer Tracy Heropkie.  On the faders were engineers Rick Fritz and vocal master Jeff Morrow.  Burrell creatives included group creative director Brenda Blonski, producer Debbie Amsden and Business manager MariEllen Golfis.

For more McCafe campaign buzz, check out the following link!

Behind the Scenes

We did a spot for Olive Oil’s Organic Root Stimulator product, which was shot 35mm for the Genesis Pod. Phil Lee directed and edited the spots which have aired nationally. Phil wanted to shoot on 35mm because he wanted to work with a medium that he knew could give enough “dynamic range to bring out the detail, shine and beauty to the hair”. Amen to that!

We even utilized DP, Marcus Mazzei, whose previous on-screen beauties have included Eva Longoria, Nataile Portman and Sarah Jessica Parker!!

Zoran, Phil’s assistant, cut together this behind the scenes footage below. Check it out!

Are you a behind the scenes junkie?

Click here to see more behind the scenes production stills!!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…

A fourteen year old hip-hop artist?!

Phil Lee recently directed a music video for Adero Neely, an up and coming talent with a passion for rhythm and rhyme. Adero’s song “Animated” has already dominated the local Chicago radio waves but he’s not about to stop there! With this debut music video, Adero hopes to broaden his audience on a national scale

The video was shot in HD and the locations were awesome! We started early at the Victor Hotel over in the warehouse district. Pretty cool club. We had about 40 dancers and extras…all under the age of 17!!! It was great seeing kids actively engaging their talents and having so much fun!

After we wrapped at the Victor Hotel, we headed over to the Ping Tom Memorial Park near Pilsen. The park had a wonderfully industrial feel to it and the footage really came out nice despite the awful weather…oh, did I forget to mention that it was raining and about 30 out?

Did I mention it was starting to rain and was about 30 degrees? Anyway, after the park we still had one more whole day of shooting ahead of us!! The next day we started out bright and early at Foundation. Once Adero and our “catwoman” were ready to go, we transformed our client lounge into the teenager’s bedroom and our studio, with the awesome power of green screen, became a lair befitting of a superhero on-the-go!

This bridge is located on “lumber street” here in Chicago and it provided the perfect perch for a damsel in distress!

Overall, I’d say the shoot was a major success! We had a blast making this video and look forward to sharing it with everyone when it is completed… SO STAY TUNED!

Oh yeah, and there was cake.

P.S. Our PA, Beren, and I broke the cake while driving the Foundation minivan through Chinatown… a few vats of cooked cabbage were also lost in the process.

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