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Aaron Brown WOWs L.A.

Check out WOW Magazine‘s spread on Aaron Brown in their Summer 2011 issue.  Copies of the issue are available online.

The 12 page article features Aaron’s photography and thoughts on the artistic and cultural underbelly of Los Angeles.  “A lot of all kinds of weird, scary, hysterical things happen in LA at every instant,” Aaron says in the interview, “As a result there’s all kinds of different work happening.”

It’s an interesting article, well worth the read, and Aaron’s photographs look great. Definitely “wow” provoking!


Girls, Girls, Girls!

Hey there!

So, you may remember a few newsletters ago we featured another Ben Chappell video in our AV Club slot for the band, Girls. Well, it seems Girls have come into their own on the big music scene and were recently featured in Interview Magazine!


Wanna see the video? CLICK HERE to see “Hell Hole Rat Race”

Hiking all the way up to the highest point in San Francisco to shoot the sunrise, Ben shot it all with an on-camera LED light and managed to shoot the 120 frames per second which is a testament to how well the RED shoots in low light. Want to see production stills? Click here!

“It’s great to see them getting this much attention, I’m sure we will all be hearing a lot about them in the future!” -Ben Chappell

Tis the Season to…


We had our company holiday party last week and yes…it has taken me about a week to recover, which is why this post is a bit delayed. =)

We had our party at JFOD. Great food, great band, great fun!

(video courtesy of Jeff Landsman)

Wanna see more pictures? Check out our flickr page!!

My favorite part of the night? Definetly the end of night, 8 person rendition of Purple Rain! (Wish that was on film!)

The Continuing Saga of Irv Blitz

Okay…where do I even begin?

Ian Pfaff, our resident comedian/creative powerhouse….(This is the guy who also has the words “Kuato Lives” spray painted above his fireplace)….has a great respect (which borderlines on obsession) with Irv Blitz. Now, for those of you who aren’t hip to Irv, I’ll say this: GOOGLE HIM…

He is the guru of shooting food. Have you ever seen a food commercial and had your mouth explode with flavor at the mere sight of something like this?

You have? Well….chances are, you’ve been blitzed!

Anyway, as I said, Ian has this unhealthy obsession with….I mean… undying love for Irz Blitz and his superior foodography. So, naturally, Ian decided to make a film to express that love.


His first film was well received (it was even shown to Irv himself) but Ian wasn’t satisfied.

“After the first video was done, I thought I was done. But as the food dailies began to backflip in, and I absorbed his demo reel, I knew that the Irv Blitz song had to become the “irv blitz album” …Even now, as the foodage continues….so does my passion ”

This year, Pfaff was back in the studio with a whole new passion for Irv’s foodtastic genius burning inside him. The result? Pure magic!


But the story doesn’t end here… Ian received a mysterious package. The life of an assistant editor and “shark diving enthusiast” can be a bit of a bore…Ian was convinced it was some dailies he had been waiting for. But he was wrong…. dead wrong.

It was a huge lightbulb….wtf?

A huge lightbulb from IRV BLITZ!

“Owning the bulb…(he got a little choked up here) owning the bulb puts me in absolute irv bliss “

I gotta say…we were all kind of rooting for him to make this into a trilogy….AND THEN….



I have two words for Ian…restraining order.

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