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Music Provided by Girls

Could they be considered the soundtrack of today’s generation?

The band Girls, who we’ve done a few music videos for now, are popping up all over the music scene lately and are being featured on Urban Outfitter’s main website! Their new track “Lust for Life” can be seen on this month’s AV Club page or below!

The video was shot and directed by Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell and really captures what’s at the heart of today’s youth in San Fransisco, which has always been a town to provide an excellent backdrop for political as well as artistic movements.


Beauty, Thy Name is…Beyonce?

I am not a Beyonce fan AT ALL…but…Have you seen her new video for “Singe Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”?? It’s kind of amazing! It’s very simple but very well lit and in my humble opinion…very sassy.

Seriously…are frogs falling from the sky?! Did I really just admit to enjoying a pop music video?!!

Am I totally nuts or can we all agree that the video is sweet?

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