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Ben Chappell Sees RED

Ben Chappell just recently was asked to speak at the HD Expo here in Chicago with Fletcher Camera’s Tom Fletcher. Incidentally, Ben has more experience with the RED than almost any other director of photography in the city!

What were they talking about this year at the HD Expo? RED,RED,RED!


The workshop was a highly informative two hour segment on all things relating to the RED camera. Ben says, “The event went great!  It was great to hear RED news straight from the source, Jon Sagud.  They have a new set of lenses coming out that will change the game!  As well as their new cameras Scarlet and Epic!!  Moving beyond 4K to even higher resolutions.”


HD Expo is a very cool event indeed and we were very proud to see one of our own so ahead of the curve!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Hey there!

So, you may remember a few newsletters ago we featured another Ben Chappell video in our AV Club slot for the band, Girls. Well, it seems Girls have come into their own on the big music scene and were recently featured in Interview Magazine!


Wanna see the video? CLICK HERE to see “Hell Hole Rat Race”

Hiking all the way up to the highest point in San Francisco to shoot the sunrise, Ben shot it all with an on-camera LED light and managed to shoot the 120 frames per second which is a testament to how well the RED shoots in low light. Want to see production stills? Click here!

“It’s great to see them getting this much attention, I’m sure we will all be hearing a lot about them in the future!” -Ben Chappell

Don’t Judge Us by the Cover…

of Screen Magazine!

Click the link below to view this month’s cover of Screen! (Can you guess which one I am?)

Ian drew this! Pretty sweet – huh? But seriously…don’t base your opinion of how awesome we are solely off the cover…check out this lil’ article form Screen magazine’s Robert Leach!

And in case you STILL haven’t seen our AICP opener….

I’m telling you, it’s those hot shoes that are creating all this buzz…well, I guess it could also be the stellar graphics and awesome visual storytelling….and the quality performances….and…well….those shoes!

In Case You Missed It…

You can now view our entire AICP Spinsorship Reel exclusively on our website!!



Don’t be left in the dark on November 20th…



So, we’re back in Chicago and couldn’t be happier! Las Vegas is America’s ashtray. Eeew.

Ben and Jamin (dp and assistant editor) had a great time and I think we all learned a lot.

We stayed at Treasure Island Hotel which wasn’t so bad…it was pretty close to the convention centre which was cool!

The first day I got there I met these two really cool guys from Montreal. They work for Cirque Du Soleil and had loads of colorful stories. I also met this one guy who never ONCE logged off of World of Warcraft…seriously…NOT ONCE. I met a hacker from Montana, a tech geek from Japan with a nervous twitch and a severe addiction to mountain dew and I saw more fanny packs than should be legal.

On to business…

I took a bunch of courses and checked out the exhibits. I attended a seminar on emerging technologies which touched on LBS a little bit and gave an overview of Web 2.0 and why Flash will not be important in five years. The media is driving the technology. The demand for the client to not have to “do” anything is incredibly high and LBS would be a way to achieve this, except that there is not one platform that is standard right now- they simply do not have the framework right yet.

I also checked out a seminar on Web 2.5 which blew my mind. Essentially, they focused on forums coming back into importance and how the wave of the future is “Social Bookmarking” on sites like Delicious, blinklist,furl and readit (to a lesser extent, a site like goodreads is ahead of the curve) Information related advertising is the wave of the future and that comes with things being wildly linked together

Another course I took discussed “virtual worlds” like Second Life, or even papervison, having an incredible impact on social media and eventually more and more advertising will be done in this way. It’s the whole idea of uninterrupted media. People are less inclined these days to even bother with Tivo b/c it’s “too much work” This way, with virtual worlds (strategic product placement), LBS, the client/consumer is in control- the ads come to them. No searching involved and no interruptions.

Here are some cool links to check out if you’re at all interested in this type of thing:

I also took a course on blogging/networking and RSS feeds. The speaker manages several successful blogs but was kind of pompous and just kept plugging his own blogs every five minutes, but I did learn some cool technical stuff about RSS feeds and the like. Basically blogs are becoming more and more essential in supporting a “product/company/show/belief”


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