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We are pleased to announce that we have a new colorist on our team!!

Tom Rovak!

Award winning Senior Colorist Tom Rovak is a veteran in the post production arena, having held key roles across the spectrum including Post Production Supervisor and Producer. He has recently added Digital Intermediate and extensive RED workflow to his skills in commercial, feature and music video post production. A critical player in the design and implementation of a number of successful production houses in the Chicago area, Rovak prides himself on always being at the forefront of technology in his craft.

Check out the official press release here at Ruth Ratny’s Reel Chicago!

We are very glad to welcome Tom to the family!


Girls Gone Wild!

Remember these guys?

Well…the band, Girls, is back in the spotlight again with their song “Hellhole Ratrace”. You may recall, the video was shot in San Francisco last December on RED Camera by Foundation’s Ben Chappell.  Our crew followed the band for 24hrs all at 120fps!   The video has finally premiered after 6 long months in order to release it at the same time as the album.


Our good friends at are facilitating the premiere : )

The band has become SO popular, they are even invading Britain!Check them out on The Guardian!

Ben Chappell Sees RED

Ben Chappell just recently was asked to speak at the HD Expo here in Chicago with Fletcher Camera’s Tom Fletcher. Incidentally, Ben has more experience with the RED than almost any other director of photography in the city!

What were they talking about this year at the HD Expo? RED,RED,RED!


The workshop was a highly informative two hour segment on all things relating to the RED camera. Ben says, “The event went great!  It was great to hear RED news straight from the source, Jon Sagud.  They have a new set of lenses coming out that will change the game!  As well as their new cameras Scarlet and Epic!!  Moving beyond 4K to even higher resolutions.”


HD Expo is a very cool event indeed and we were very proud to see one of our own so ahead of the curve!

I Double Dare YOU…

to try to tell me this isn’t hilarious!

Vice-Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin wore a pair of red shoes called “Double Dare” by Naughty Monkey to the RNC….(pictured below)

Since then, Naughty Monkey’s sales have gone up 50%!!! Their other big client is none other than humanitarian, actress,singer, talent, spoiled heiress Paris Hilton.

Just what we need…a naughty daredevil running the whitehouse!

Production Month!

So, this month we showcased our production know-how in our monthly newsletter and Brad Holland put together a lovely reel of some of our content work we’ve done over the past year or so. From raw viral content to music videos to in-store advertising for Target’s Channel Red as well as national spots for such brands as USG and Allstate…we do it all!

“It’s exciting to see our clients bring jobs in that we are able to shoot right here on our green screen stage and finish the job soup to nuts. We couldn’t be more proud of our team!” – Samantha Hart


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