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The Gentlemen of Long Pork Present…

Now…I know the “Gentlemen of Long Pork” might sound a tad questionable to some of you….but… Foundation’s Zoran Gvojic and his sketch comedy group, Long Pork, have been accepted to appear in San Francisco’s SKETCHFEST this January!!

And get this…they’re opening for SNL’s Rachel Dratch! We are thrilled for Zoran and his troop of…gentlemen…

For any Chicagoans that want a chance to see the show, they will be performing one night at Chicago’s Sketchfest!

Show Details:
Thursday January 7th @ 9:30pm
Theatre Building Chicago
1225 W. Belmont

Foundation Flaunts Their Focus Creeps

Foundation directors Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown have been in the press a lot lately for their work with the band “Girls” and folk artist Cass McCombs.  They were just interviewed by Wow Magazine and had a lot to say about film, their creative process and their influences.

Aaron Brown is quoted as saying, “The emphasis is on collaboration. Our instincts are to focus on the more emotional and nuanced elements of a song or a character, slowing down your experience of the song, encouraging you to see more sides to it than you may have before.” Well, Aaron, we couldn’t agree more! We at Foundation are proud to be representing this innovative duo and look forward to their upcoming projects in the new year!

Way to go guys!

Topping Off 2009!

Foundation directors Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell have been in the spotlight recently for their music video work with band “Girls”. Just today, Pitchfork announced their picks for the top 40 music videos of 2009 and guess who made the list?!

Aaron and Ben’s video for Girls song “Hellhole Ratrace” made the list as did a video Ben handled the cinematography for a Cass McCombs tune, “You Saved My Life”! These videos are featured alongside videos for artists such as Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, Coldplay and Kanye West!

Check it out:

Music Provided by Girls

Could they be considered the soundtrack of today’s generation?

The band Girls, who we’ve done a few music videos for now, are popping up all over the music scene lately and are being featured on Urban Outfitter’s main website! Their new track “Lust for Life” can be seen on this month’s AV Club page or below!

The video was shot and directed by Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell and really captures what’s at the heart of today’s youth in San Fransisco, which has always been a town to provide an excellent backdrop for political as well as artistic movements.

Apparently Spike Jonze is a Foundation Fan!


Two of our music videos by Ben Chappell have now been featured on director, Spike Jonze’s blog, We Love You So!

Jonze recently blogged about our video for Cass McCombs which featured actress Karen Black. Today, he commented on the band, Girls and posted our video for their song “Hellhole Ratrace”!

Spike and the rest of the world has a new Girls video by Ben Chappell and frequent collaborator Aaron Brown, to look forward to as they are shooting a new video of the band this weekend in San Francisco! Stay tuned!

Girls Gone Wild!

Remember these guys?

Well…the band, Girls, is back in the spotlight again with their song “Hellhole Ratrace”. You may recall, the video was shot in San Francisco last December on RED Camera by Foundation’s Ben Chappell.  Our crew followed the band for 24hrs all at 120fps!   The video has finally premiered after 6 long months in order to release it at the same time as the album.


Our good friends at are facilitating the premiere : )

The band has become SO popular, they are even invading Britain!Check them out on The Guardian!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Hey there!

So, you may remember a few newsletters ago we featured another Ben Chappell video in our AV Club slot for the band, Girls. Well, it seems Girls have come into their own on the big music scene and were recently featured in Interview Magazine!


Wanna see the video? CLICK HERE to see “Hell Hole Rat Race”

Hiking all the way up to the highest point in San Francisco to shoot the sunrise, Ben shot it all with an on-camera LED light and managed to shoot the 120 frames per second which is a testament to how well the RED shoots in low light. Want to see production stills? Click here!

“It’s great to see them getting this much attention, I’m sure we will all be hearing a lot about them in the future!” -Ben Chappell

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