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Jonathan Del Gatto’s video for duo Matt and Kim is featured at Shoot Online this week as well as in print via Shoot Magazine.

If you are a registered user of Shoot Online, please check it out on their homepage today!

And be sure to pick up a copy of Shoot today!


Photo Op!

Check out this page from Shoot Magazine’s recent Director’s Symposium and 8th Annual NDS Event! Notice any familiar faces? Check out #7!

President, Samantha Hart, partied the night away in New York with Foundation’s Focus Creeps Ben Chappell and Aaron Brown!

New Graphics Division Announced!!

Former Lift motion designer Curt Cooper will be taking the lead as our Creative Director! Also migrating from Lift is Lusia Boryczko, who will assume the role of producer, Kyle Shoup, who becomes Senior Motion Designer, and Motion Designer Jesse Willis.This new team builds on the already strong core of Senior Motion Designer Jennifer Moody, Designer Jamin Clutcher, and Jason Voke who rises to Associate Creative Director.

(left to right) Jennifer Moody,  Jesse Willis,  Jamin Clutcher,  Jason Voke,  Curt Cooper,  Lusia Boryczko,  Kyle Shoup.

Check out the official press release at Ruth Ratny’s Reel Chicago!!

With such an impressive lineup of talent, our new division represents a formidable force in the Chicago market and beyond. The team will also be servicing clients from our Los Angeles office.

Welcome aboard, gang!

Shoot’s 2010 New Directors Showcase Features Focus Creeps!!

The Focus Creeps were recently interviewed by Shoot Magazine for this month’s “New Directors” showcase!

Here is a segment of what the boys had to say:

It’s fun to invent problems that you then get to choose who you want to figure it out with. Collaboration and seeing how other people see things, and the ultimate product that comes out of everyone’s input and contributions is a tremendous feeling. It’s fantastic to have an idea and then see that idea realized in front of you. Like going to battle but without the casualties.

Check out the whole article here!

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Shoot Magazine interviewed our President and Creative Director, Samantha Hart and Rob Jacobs (Senior Director of marketing for Universal Music Enterprises) today about the new music video we created for the Elizabeth and the Catapult’s hit song “Race You”!  Check out the article HERE!!

And be sure to check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet! Just click the picture below to view!!

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Meet Ryan Prybil… our new IT Specialist and Audio Engineer. What you may not know about Ryan is that beneath his gentle exterior lies a mad genius!!


With the completion of our brand new audio studio, which Ryan will be heading up, there will be virtually nothing we can’t provide our clients in-house, from concept to completion! Check out the official press release at Shoot Magazine’s publicity wire!

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