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Nailed It!

Foundation Editor Suzie Moore and Sr. Assistant Editor B Stover recently entered a Make an Ad contest for Sally Hansen… and WON a top spot among the finalists!  The brand purchased their spot, along with 5 others, for use in an upcoming campaign. Brittany “B” says, “We entered the contest because we wanted to make beauty products appealing in a new and different way.” Click the pic to view the spot!

B and Suzie co-directed “Salon Effects Fashion Show” and shot it on the stage at Foundation Content. “Being a part of the directing process was so satisfying because it allowed me to see the whole idea come to life!”, says B. “I wasn’t even sure if we were going to go through with shooting the idea at first, but when I saw the script that B wrote, there was no choice but to film it!”, Suzie continues.

B and Suzie collaborated on the editorial and graphics for the spot – Check it out here!


Things That Go Bump…

We’re proud to announce two of our Foundation staff are currently expecting!

Congratulations to Editor, Suzie Moore and Receptionist, Nicole Ceci! Both moms-to-be are feeling great and lookin’ fab!


Just For Laughs

Where were you yesterday at 1:30 pm (Central)? Well… if you were in Chicago’s Millennium Park, you may have seen an outrageously awesome social experiment organized by Tyler Walker, of Improv Everywhere  in conjunction with TBS. As a publicity stunt to kick off the Just for Laughs event on TBS this week, an “MP3 Experiment” took place that lasted about 30 minutes. Participants were told to download a song via their respective mp3 players. Utilizing one DVC Pro HD and a couple of flip cams, various shooters captured this hilarious footage.

Suzie Moore edited the footage together and Megan Guerrant produced. They wrapped at about 11:30 lastnight and it’s live today! Talk about a quick turn around. I think my favorite part has to be when this “mysterious voice” actually got a mob of people to use their finger’s as moustaches! Brilliant!

Renaissance Woman

Foundation editor, Suzie Moore and her husband, Charles shot a piece while on vacation in New Orleans this past February which they titled “Crescent Like the Moon”. Suzie had read a brief that the Renaissance Marriott was looking for filmmakers to create a film which would properly convey the very best highlights of a city within close proximity of a Marriott Renaissance property.

This could include restaurants, shops, bands, galleries, museums, neighborhood characters , anything that adds to the unique flavor of the local area and wider city.

Suzie and Charles rented a camera for four days and documented their travels through the Big Easy, which they had never visited before. Suzie edited the final piece and submitted it to the MOFILM New York 2011 Make an Ad contest.

And it really was no surprise that they won the grand prize! A trip to New York and $8,000! The filmmaking couple stayed at the Renaissance in Time Square and met John Landau, Producer of Avatar and Titanic, who was hosting the awards event. Says Suzie of the experience, “It was really inspiring to meet the other brand winning filmmakers from all over the world.”

Check out the piece by clicking the photo above! Kudos to you both, Charles and Suzie! It makes me want to break out my mardi gras beads and whip up some mint juleps!

More Moore! Call Hall!

Suzie Moore has been promoted to Editor! Moore joined the company as Senior Assistant Editor two years ago after getting her start at Avenue Edit. In her role as Senior Assistant, Moore quickly gained the attention of clients who began asking for her unique editorial vision on their projects. Suzie has boundless creative energy and a sharp eye, which she has demonstrated on recent projects for clients as varied as Sharpie, Depaul University, Mitsubishi, Unilever, Courvoisier, the Chicago Wolves, Harper’s Bazaar, TransUnion, and CROCs.

Drew Hall moves up from Assistant Editor to Editor. Born in England, Drew relocated from California to Chicago where he considered a climb on the corporate ladder before realizing his passion lay in film. A self-taught filmmaker, he was writing, directing and editing his own projects before joining Foundation as an assistant editor to owner James Lipetzky, who was impressed with both his work and his work ethic.

“We believe that Foundation’s success is all about finding and growing talent,” says Lipetzky. “We pride ourselves on creating an environment that promotes creative drive and excellence, allowing people to step up and maximize their capabilities.” Here, here!

Moore Is Our Champion

Senior Assistant Editor, Suzie Moore, recently submitted a piece to the Splice Capades and placed as First runner up! If you are not familiar, Splice Capades is an annual competition in which assistant editors show off their editing chops by “splicing” two different films together to create a :90 trailer! This year’s mash-up featured the films “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and “Network”.

Suzie says of the experience, “I just love Steve Carrell so when I watched the movies I knew I wanted to do something funny with him as the main character. It was a lot of fun to put together. As first runner up I won a blu-ray player!” Her trailer is absolutely hilarious, so be sure to check it out at the link above!!

There were 25 entries from assistants in Chicago. We’re proud of Suzie every day – this is just “splicing” on the cake!

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