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Focus on the Focus Creeps

The Fader is starting a special section on their site just for our boys, The Focus Creeps!  It’s called “On Set with Focus Creeps” and the first article is up!

This first article features the new video Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell shot and directed for Delorean’s “Real Love”.

Stay tuned for more articles on their latest work!

Btw, You can also catch the new video at Pitchfork, Stereogum and TruePanther.


When it Rainns…

The Focus Creeps have a new video that’s turning a lot of heads. It’s for Ferraby Lionheart and the song is “Harry and Bess”.

And who might that be next to Ferraby? Why- it’s The Office’s Rainn Wilson! Check out the official press release at Entertainment Weekly! And view the video below if you haven’t already!


The Focus Creeps are in L.A. this week shooting a new music video for Ferraby Lionheart. The song is called “Harry and Bess” and is a love song based on Harry Houdini and his wife Bess. The album is set to release August 3rd.

Actor Rainn Wilson, who is an old friend of Ferraby Lionheart, agreed to appear in the video.

The boys are having a blast along with L.A. producer Stacy Paris. Anna Patel will be editing.

Neon Indian Premieres!

The Focus Creeps have released a new music video for band Neon Indian and their song “Sleep Paralysist”.

The video went live today on AOL and Spinner!! The video also made it’s way onto Pitchfork‘s homepage today so be sure to check that out!

Aaron Brown said of the experience working on this video:

“It was exciting to work on a song that blatantly suggested dreams, and the passages through consciousness and unconsciousness that are created through sleep paralysis.  There is always the most opportunity with the medium of video when dream logic and surrealism is allowed.  We wanted to create an environment of visual opposites, like dualities in myths: nature and architecture, costumed characters and animals encroaching into the organization of these character’s lives.  In the video, first we encounter the characters when they begin to drift in and out of consciousness, in and out of themselves.

The song offers such a wonderful range to develop these themes because it has the constant structure of an electronic music track, but also has organic, analogue sounds woven throughout.”

The video is visually stunning and hypnotic- drawing the viewer into a dream world of lurid fantasies and provocative realities. Not to be missed.

Promises, Promises…

The Focus Creeps have just finished a music video for Cali band, The Morning Benders. The track is “Promises” and it’s off their new long awaited album Big Echo.

The video is already getting a ton of buzz around the blogosphere, appearing on drownedinsound, myspace, culture bully and many others! After only a few days up on myspace, the video has had nearly 20,000 views!

In Aaron Brown’s words, this video is “a kid’s caper cartoon”. With a nod to Bonnie and Clyde and perhaps even a little Truffaut thrown in, this video is not to be missed!

“Life Magazine” Premieres!!

The Focus Creeps (Aaron Brown and Ben Chappell) have just directed another music video, this time for the band Cold Cave and their hit song “Life Magazine”. The video debuted today and is already getting tons of hits!

The video was shot in a Brooklyn loft which was described to me as “dirty, dusty and filthy raw”. Ben and Aaron shot on 3 cameras including a 1980 VHS Camera that Aaron bought at a thrift store. Matt Egan edited this piece.

The whole idea of this video was to bring the album cover to life! The video stars Marti Domination, who was featured on the cover of the band’s album “Love Comes Close”. Fun Fact: Marti Domination also appears as Goodyear in Matthew Barney’s “Cremaster 1”!

Check out the press release by Matador Records and an interview with the band at The Quietus. Click the picture above to view the video!! And check these creepy production stills, brought to you by The Focus Creeps.

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