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Babes In Toyland

Our L.A. team has been working on a project with Dentsu for the Bandai toy company. Bandai has two new toys coming out, that we are creating promotional sizzle pieces for.

Jonathan DelGatto’s edit bay was transformed into a green screen studio for the shoot! We’ll be posting the pieces when they are done… and though i cannot say too much more about the toys themselves… I will say that I totally want one!


Seeing is Believing

This one is for all you editors out there; you know how when you work on a spot for soooo long that when it finally ships it’s “out of your life” and you’re already working on something else and somehow you seem to miss it every time it airs? Well…Matt Egan (editor/director) just finished a spot for Target’s Channel Red to promote their line of Hulk themed toys/action figures and it is airing NOW in Target stores across the country!

See?!! (photograph courtesy of Jeff Landsman)

It’s fun to see work we do in a setting like this.

“The Red Channel Hulk spot was full of many challenges. Creating and compositing 3d animation with live action from the movie, designing a lower third animation that complimented movie footage as well as 2 different segments of product footage, building a set for the Gama Glow action figure, composing a bed of music and sound design to support the various imagery and bringing all this together into a slick 30 second commercial. Creating the table top set for the Hulk Gama Glow action figure was the first exciting challenge in the project. The set and the shots needed to maintain the look and feel of the film as well as capture the imagination of the demographic. To best showcase the detail and glow of the action figure I wanted to create a twilight scene of a city in distress. Blackened burnt out buildings, fog in the streets with a blueish green glow and the Hulk in the middle of it all. Using household items sparks the imagination of the children who will be playing with these toys to create their own sets.” -Matt Egan

This spot was done tabletop in our studio and all the 3d animation was done in house as well. Gotta love those graphics guys! And quite honestly, I think the guys still play with those hulk hands upstairs when no one is watching.

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