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Nailed It!

Foundation Editor Suzie Moore and Sr. Assistant Editor B Stover recently entered a Make an Ad contest for Sally Hansen… and WON a top spot among the finalists!  The brand purchased their spot, along with 5 others, for use in an upcoming campaign. Brittany “B” says, “We entered the contest because we wanted to make beauty products appealing in a new and different way.” Click the pic to view the spot!

B and Suzie co-directed “Salon Effects Fashion Show” and shot it on the stage at Foundation Content. “Being a part of the directing process was so satisfying because it allowed me to see the whole idea come to life!”, says B. “I wasn’t even sure if we were going to go through with shooting the idea at first, but when I saw the script that B wrote, there was no choice but to film it!”, Suzie continues.

B and Suzie collaborated on the editorial and graphics for the spot – Check it out here!

Can’t Read His Poker Face…

Foundation DP, Ben Chappell attended CRC’s poker party and walked away a winner!

He placed first, beating out 58 other players!! SNAP!

Dreams Give Way to Change

Back in 1995, when David Geffen announced he was leaving Geffen Records to form Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, seven Geffen Records alumni were invited to a congratulatory dinner. Among those seven was one of Foundation’s founders Samantha Hart. Outside of the restaurant she had created a “card” for David in the form of a bus shelter which read:

“Dreams are wiser than men, with a few notable exceptions”.


Kinda prophetic- huh?

Anyway…I found this picture of the bus shelter and wanted to share.

(Oh…and FYI…when David Geffen backed Obama in March of 2007, not everybody believed in “change” yet…with the exception of Sam. She was quoted as saying “Now I’m sure Obama will win…David always backs a winner.”)

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