Foundation Content Chicago Halloween


We celebrated this years frightful festivities with our very own annual Halloween Pot Luck.

With dishes ranging from Dirt Pudding to Cincinnati Death Dip, our Chicago office enjoyed a spooky lunch filled with creepy food and cheesy horror movies. Our potluck winner was editor Suzie Moore with her awesomely horrific ‘Monster Mashed Potato’.




We also screened a short horror film made by our very own interns which can be watched below. When the group of interns arrive to what they believe is an office party, they quickly find themselves trapped inside a twisted and terrifying maze of Halloween horrors.

Foundation Content Chicago Halloween Party

A short movie created by our Foundation Chicago Interns

Moustaches, Margaritas & More!

Hello wonderful people of the Internet,

This past Friday Foundation’s Chicago office decided to celebrate the release of our video ‘Real Complainers Vote’ by doing what any office would do; creating awesome paper moustaches, eating Mexican food and enjoying more home brewed beer.

As a tribute to our very own Kyle Shoup, the man behind the ‘Real Complainers’ animation we stenciled, cut and stuck our way onto our employees upper lips with the finest curly paper-staches in Chicago.





This week also saw Jesse, one of our graphic designers, bottling and designing his own monthly brew named ‘Le Bra Saison’, intertwined with orange zest and love it complimented our Mexican chip & dip medley perfectly!



A Youthful Perspective

A Youthful Perspective

Here’s a lovely drawing from Luz’s daughter, Nina, who explained that the illustration is of the Foundation office working together as a team! We certainly collaborate with one another and offer help when needed, but it’s also great to hangout at the end of our Fridays and catch up on life outside of work. The only misfortune of this picture is we will likely never be this slender – – especially with margaritas and chips and guacamole being served to our delight later today.

Thanks Nina for your artwork–we are happy to share it!

Sony Spot in Times Square

It’s not everyday that you get to see a piece of work created by your team up in Times Square on the Jumbotron, but here it is!

The piece for Sony was directed by Focus Creeps and edited by our own Anna Patel! Take a look!

Prost to Kostlich Kolsch!

Hey Everyone!

Just the other day, everyone at Foundation enjoyed a tasty beer created and brewed by our very own, Jesse Willis!  Look out! Kostlich Kolsch is going to be big someday people! As you will see, his great beer brought some even greater excitement to the office!

Take a look!


Friday’s Screening

We are excited to update everyone with our current office news! Currently, our amazing Foundation team is wrapping up on multiple projects. And while this means stress is high and hearts pumping uncomfortably fast, it also means we are due for a screening! Oddly enough, most of the staff has been too busy to glance at each others work. However, this gives everyone a chance to admire each piece. So last Friday we got together to watch our latest screening reel. It was a busy afternoon, and drinks sure helped to relieve some stress! We whipped up some tasty piña coladas, Robert mixed up some spicy Micheladas and we munched on chips and salsa while watching the spectacular work we’ve completed in the past few months!

Take a look!


We watched our recent work for Walmart, Vitamin Water, Allstate, G2, Kashi, Corona Light, Radical Skincare, Tender Greens, Sears and The Onion.



Piña coladas! Yum!


Robert and his Micheladas- Woot!!

Meet Foundation Chicago’s Fall Interns!


Meet Meg!

My name is Meg Ruddy and I currently am a Senior at DePaul University. I am majoring in Digital Cinema with a concentration in Production. Somewhere in the future I see myself working in television production as well as documentary production; however, I’m definitely open to other opportunities. Last winter I traveled to London to study abroad and participate in an internship. The experience was amazing and it allowed me to travel throughout Europe and meet an array of outstanding people from different parts of the world.

Meg will be interning on Thursday’s and Friday’s.


A little about Mansfield!

Mansfield is completing his last semester at Columbia College Chicago majoring in television post-production and a minor in non-linear editing. With over eight (8) years of editing experience Mansfield volunteers to edit reels for non-for-profit companies.  In the last three years Mansfield’s work experience includes Columbia’s television department where he assists faculty and students with computer lab maintenance, Final Cut Pro and other graphic software. Traveling to other countries has given Mansfield a great appreciation for nature and other cultures.

Mansfield will be interning on Wednesday’s and Thursdays.


Here’s Graham!
I’m Graham, I just graduated from Columbia College Chicago this past May with a Bachelor of Arts in Post-Production,concentrating on Editing.

Columbia was great. I learned so much from so many different people: professors, classmates, industry professionals…etc. I knew when I started at Columbia that I wanted to be an editor and working on the different projects that I worked on there only confirmed that. During my time there, I worked on many different types of projects, but I found myself drawn to documentaries on multiple occasions. These projects also ended up being my favorite ones to work on and be a part of.

Aside from documentaries, I like to work on music videos and other short length projects. Finding something ordinary and trying to turn it into something fun and creative is always a challenge I am willing to accept.

I also bartend at a seafood restaurant in The Loop. I’ve been with the company for going on five years in September. I like being social, joking around and having a good time, so the job definitely suits me.

Some of my other hobbies include golf, biking, music, and being with my friends and family.I’m looking forward to being able to learn and help all I can here at Foundation!

Graham will be interning on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.

Get to know Kemani!
I am a Film/ Video major at Columbia College Chicago, with a mental focus in directing. Directing is the PASSION, (seriously have a fascination with it) but I have a general major so I can explore all aspects, because not only am I interested in them, but I believe it will benefit me to be well rounded in the matter! Which is one of the reasons why I applied to be an intern at Foundation Content, because there is a great exploration and collaboration of fields! That’s what I want to do. Explore and collaborate! Gain some inside experience! Make some marvelous connections with the Foundation family! I want to contribute as much as possible, to showcase the knowledge I do have, and be present to gain much more! And with that said, I want people to know, I’m a goofball. I laugh. A lot. I smile uncontrollably. Nothing creepy, I promise. I enjoy bringing light to situations, but I am extremely serious about my work. Music is my go-to therapy, photography is my feel-good hobby/obsession, and all things film is mostly what runs through my head, like all day……everyday. I’m excited to start interning and I’m happy that you’ll have me!
Kemani will be interning on Monday’s and Friday’s.
Meet Tyler!

My name is Tyler Fanning. I’m a twenty-four year old fellow from a really small town in mid-west Illinois. I grew up hunting and clowning around in the woods and crop fields. Somehow, I still managed to be a little geeky. I moved to the big city of Chicago to try to do what I love doing. I have a passion for creating video, as well as for watching it.

I can’t really say that there are a ton of truly interesting things about me. But, I’m over six and half feet tall, so I do stand out a little. Also, I just recently visited Astoria, Oregon where The Goonies was filmed. I was able to see most of the film sites and it felt awesome to be able to geek out in front of the locals.

In May, I graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BFA in Moving Image. During my spare time there, I taught myself Adobe After Effects and that grew to be my favorite and most comfortable program to use. I enjoy creating motion graphics and I would love to become more adept at doing so.

I’m very excited to start my internship and to get to know Foundation and all of you fine folk.

Tyler will be interning on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

All the way from the UK, meet Kristian!
21 year old creative from the UK, student at the University of Leeds. Motivated by collaborative production, thinking outside of the box and original ideas.

Confident across technical aspects of production (Sony, Canon, Panasonic Camera operation), post production (Adobe Suite, Avid and FCP) as well as being an internal member of production teams both onset, in studio and office environments.

Experience as a runner/researcher and camera operator in live television, music video, short film and live event coverage. Experience as a micro budget director in music video, corporate film and commercial promotion.

School and Major
University of Leeds, UK 
Television Production (Bachelor of the Arts, Honours)
To be part of a team creating content that is consumed on multiple platforms and that inspires a global audience.
I am a quartar Danish, a quartar Welsh, but can speak neither language and regrettably have never visited either country.
Kristian will be interning Monday-Friday.

Where are the brakes on this Spaceship?

Just relieving some Friday stress

A “Great” Start

An Intern’s view of his first day on the job

While the encompassing glass structure of the Foundation office is a cool place to work in (and look out), nothing beats the first day of an internship than going out on your very first commercial shoot.  It may have been a struggle to wake up at 5 in the morning, but to see all of the expensive, impressive equipment and watch director James Lipetzky and his crew in action really gave me a taste of how a professional production operates.


The commercial, a piece shot for Carle, a non-profit company in health services, was filmed in three different locations throughout Los Angeles.  Each location (a suburban neighborhood, medical building, and local park) delivered a different message while capturing the powerful aesthetic that Foundation is known for.  Using dollies to capture a morning walk, a car mount to follow an urgent pregnancy, and part of the crew to stop pedestrians, dogs, and a golfer from getting in the final shot, everyone seemed to have a blast on the shoot, keeping the positive vibes up throughout the long day.


Whether I was grabbing equipment, setting up craft services, or getting lost for 40 minutes looking for balloons and cinder blocks, I really felt that I was a part of this project, namely because of all the great people who were working on it and how they welcomed me in.  It was so exciting to see the final product, and I’m looking forward to more experiences on shoots with the Foundation team, whether for commercials, music videos, or anything else that comes our way.


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